Theme Park Getaways For Valentine's Day

In my world, there's nothing more romantic than being swept away to a resort hotel for a weekend of rides and luxury. Themed hotels are my ultimate favourite and I love feeling like I'm in a fairytale! Here's a little list I've put together of three theme park resort hotels for the perfect fantasy mini-break!

Price: €307
Included: 1 night stay in a Comfort Double Room, Unlimited Access to Efteling on both days, Buffet Breakfast, Parking
Flights: London Stansted to Eindhoven with Ryanair

This is where I'll be spending my Valentine's Day this year - and I can't wait! The Efteling Hotel has a fairytale theme and even the comfort rooms look magical. Pay a little extra and you can upgrade to a themed room including the carousel room (pictured above) filled with vintage steam fairground memorabilia or even a Snow White room decorated to the tee with Princess details! Considering the price includes unlimited access to the park on both days for two people (which would set you back €150 alone) I think it is incredibly good value for the level of quality provided.

Perfect for fans of: classic fairytale style, European whimsy, woodland wonder

Price: £67
Included: 1 night stay in a Double Room with a view, Unlimited Access to hotel grounds including Ling Bao Spa, Buffet Breakfast, Parking
Flights: London Stansted to Cologne Bonn with Ryanair

Conor took me here for my 23rd birthday and it was incredible. Hotel Matamba is literally situated in the park and if you get the right room you get to look out at Black Mamba snaking around outside. Plus if you listen closely African animal sounds are pumped into your room! I think my favourite part was the fabulous netting around the bed. The food in the restaurant is also incredible - exotic African meats cooked to your liking on a grill right before your eyes! It's themed up to its eyeballs and has such a relaxing and immersive atmosphere. Despite the actual park not being open at this time of year, the price is bargain enough to head on over and chill out in a cool environment and give yourself some TLC.

Perfect for fans of: Adventurous style, coaster spotting, exotic food

Price: £811.28 (lol)
Included: 1 night stay in a Classic Double Room, Unlimited Access to Disneyland Parks on both days, Buffet Breakfast, Parking
Flights: London Luton to Charles de Gaulle with EasyJet

Yeah, this is like weekend getaway goals. Honestly, whenever I go to Disneyland Paris now I stay with my best friend who works out there (literally living the dream) but previously I'd just stay in a local hotel nearby because in my opinion even the lower end Disney Resort Hotels were overpriced. The Disneyland Hotel just seems different to me and is something made out of mint and pastel pink dreams. You can literally wake up, open your curtains and look out onto Disneyland. Errm, yes please! Yes, the price is obscene, but the Disneyland Hotel is a 5 Star wonderland decorated in ornate Victorian style luxury. I just want to sashay around in a full length dress sipping tea whilst wearing gloves, and it will be glorious!

Perfect for fans of: Disney (duh), luxury, the feeling of literally being inside a Victorian dolls house

So what are you waiting for? Get booking for the perfect magical theme park getaway for Valentine's Day before it's too late and you're stuck in a crappy packed restaurant sat at the rubbish table that's right in the path of the draught from the door. And nobody wants that.