Efteling Photobook Part One

Every Valentine's Day Conor and I like to get away for the weekend - and of course if a theme park can be involved in some way then even better! I'd wanted to see Aquanura, the night time water fountain show at Efteling for ages, so after grabbing an absolutely bargain staying at the resort hotel (£100 each for a night in the hotel and 2 days' park entry) we were ready to go.

This was my third visit to Efteling and my first stay at the hotel. I loved it, very cute and full of lots of hidden fairytale details, like a little mouse under our bed! I love little things like that, they remind me of why I fell in love with theme parks in the first place. I'd definitely recommend a short break here, it's lovely if you like that sort of thing. Obviously it being a fairytale themed hotel and park there are lots of families around, so prepare to deal with kids everywhere you look!

The park then. I've always adored Efteling's whimsical fantasy style, and it was a dream visiting in Winter where it actually began to snow! Pure magic. I definitely did a classic me and dressed completely inappropriately so spent the entire time shivering and dreaming of all my fur coats that I stupidly left behind. I'll never learn!

Of course we headed straight to Baron 1898, the B&M Dive Machine which opened last year. If there's one thing you must know about Efteling it's that everything is theatre, so of course this wasn't just going to be your bog standard coaster affair. I won't ruin anything here because it's pretty awesome, I feel like it's Efteling's take on Disney's Tower of Terror. Not great as a stand-alone coaster but wonderful as a complete ride experience!

I wasn't expecting the rest of the rides to be open due to the weather being quite so cold, but we were in luck! We rode everything at least twice before grabbing some Oliebollen (amazing deep fried balls of dough dusted with icing sugar, SO good!) and getting a good spot for Aquanura! OK, it's no World of Colour, but it's pretty and a nice way to see out the evening.

We had an...odd meal at the hotel restaurant (Conor's 'burger' was literally a beef patty between two slices of bread! What?!) and snuggling down in our lovely room for the night.