Efteling Photobook Part Two

Waking up the next morning I did what I always do on the morning of a theme park visit: check the weather. On first glance it was raining - noooo! However, on closer inspection it was snowing again, yaaay! We went down to the breakfast room (which had a confusing mixture of delicious looking real cakes and equally delicious looking fake ones - luckily nobody saw me excitedly grab a cupcake before realising it was fibreglass). 

Heading into the park we made a beeline for Sprookjesbos, the fairytale forest that takes up a good chunk of the whole park. It's a huge forest filled with little scenes from fairytales that you stumble upon. What I love is that Efteling continue expanding upon the scenes as new technology becomes available - there are some truly impressive sections using Pepper's Ghost effects and projections.

By now there was no denying it, it was bitterly cold, so we decided to finally go check out Polle's Kitchen - the epic pancake house we'd heard so much about! The theming inside is fab, just full of pots and pans and clutter with a huge oven centrepiece that gets a little overexcited from time to time. Honestly, the pancakes aren't AMAZING but the restaurant itself is so fab that you'll forgive them for that. And it was warm so we sat in there for a while before braving the freezing outside again.

Once again it was pretty dead on park so we got a lot of rides in, and also meant we could take our time just wandering around and enjoying our surroundings. We also bumped into this guy, De Sprookjessprokkelaar. He collects stories from the branches of trees! I've never seen such detail put into a character costume before. And his mouth moved when he talked - awesome! 

We jumped into the queue for Baron 1898 before deciding it was too damn cold. The weather had taken a turn for the worse and had really started bucketing down, so we said goodbye to fabulous Efteling for a few months (we'll be back in October) before making our way back to the airport!