Off The Cuff: Body Jewellery Shop

I remember the days when I'd wake up bored and within the hour would be sat in the piercing shop getting something new done. It's just something you grow out of in the end isn't it? I often see bloggers popping up here and there on Instagram and it reignites that rebellious teen in me that just wants to go and get EVERYTHING pierced because there's just SO MUCH pretty jewellery around.

But, truth be told, I've grown less carefree as I've grown older and the thought of being pierced again doesn't fill me with joy! I was super stoked when Body Jewellery Shop got in touch to ask if I wanted to review a few of their ear cuff pieces, so of course I jumped at the chance!

Made from surgical steel, the Body Jewellery Shop's range of Clip On Ear Cuffs make it super easy and convincing to fake a cartilage ear piercing. I chose two gold pieces and one plain black piece as I find plain jewellery a lot easier to match with the more interesting pieces I'd choose to wear in my main lobe piercings.

The plain gold rings are gorgeous so convincing that it's a real piercing! I mixed it up a little with a similar ball closure ring which I feel add just the right amount of detail without looking cluttered. I love the dainty design of these pieces and it's lovely to be able to rock the multi-ear piercing look with none of the pain/faff of actually getting it pierced, yay!

To go with my black scaffold bar I slotted in the double ring in plain black. I was surprised at quite how well they grip as I must admit I was a little worried they'd just slip off and I'd never see them again. I shouldn't have worried as they were quite secure (I may or may not have tested these by fling my head around like a maniac...)

So yes, safe to say I'm really happy with these bits. At just £1.99 a piece they're such a bargain, really good value for the quality of the item. Body Jewellery Shop has a ton of other gorgeous pieces on their site including an extensive range of non-piercing jewellery for those who want to experiment with a less permanent look.