OOTD - There's A Method To The Madness

Anybody who knows me knows I'm partial to an obscene faux fur coat, so naturally Winter 2015/16 called for a new addition to the wardrobe! This little headturner is the Trend Multicolor Patchwork Faux Fur Coat from H&M and it was definitely a story of love at first sight. I was shuffling through H&M in Central London when this caught my eye - I had to have it! I snapped a pic of it and sent it to my mum. Yh, not that subtle I know, but it worked and Christmas morning I was treated to this beauty!

I pretty much haven't taken it off. At first I kind of thought, with it being so loud, I'd have to keep my outfits fairly muted to make this work. Turns out that because it's so ridiculous it doesn't really match with anything so I just throw it on for instant drama over whatever I'm wearing that day. 

It's so soft and warm - perfect considering the stupidly cold weather recently. The patchwork mix of bright blues and oranges provides a perfect contrast to the more subtle blacks and creams to give the right balance of colour to an already 'out-there' piece with the fur coat. I've been living in it constantly and am holding out for a few more weeks of coldness just so I get to keep on wearing it. True love!

For this little shoot I pair it with a plain black non-descript long sleeved t-shirt and a denim A-Line button up skirt from Primark. Christmas 2015 also saw me finally get my little mitts on a pair of classic Doc Marten shoes. They're perfect and go with absolutely everything, I adore them! Can't wait to style them up with some cute frilly socks and dresses once the sun decides to come out of hibernation. Although that will mean putting the frilly glitter socks to one side for a bit! (FYI, the ones I'm wearing here are from River Island)

Have you had a go-to item this winter? How would you style up a loud faux fur coat? Let me know in the comments section, I'd love to here from you!