Cult of Cute OOTD

Today's Outfit of the Day comes to us courtesy of the awesome Serena Cherry of Cherry Cats - an incredible illustrator whose work is an eccentric blend of kvlt and kawaii! I know, cute fluffy kitties and satan-worship, together at last! Serena already has an excellent product line including badges, greeting cards, stickers and, ahem, blog designs *look up there^^^*. Her designs blur that line a lot of us tread between being cute, fluffy and adorable but also metal as fuck, so when she got in touch asking if I'd like to feature her new t-shirt I jumped at the chance!

The Cult of Cute t-shirt features an adorable Baphomet sitting in a pentagram with the words 'Cult of Cute' along the bottom of the image. Aww, look how cute he is, worshipping Satan and stuff. So kawaii! I seriously LOVE the design of this shirt! Far too often the theme of cults and satan worship is taken far too seriously or sported by sweaty metalhead guys, and this design says fuck that and reclaims the culture in an entirely different, light-hearted and girly way. So awesome!

The shirt is a really high-quality grey-on-black print by Il Pleut Ethical Screen Print Company. The t-shirt itself is Gildian Soft Style ringspun and 100% Cotton pre-shrunk ringspun jersey with fitted sleeves. It's so soft and really comfy, I've rolled the sleeves up on mine to style it out a bit and they stayed put! A major plus f you're a serial sleeve folder like myself.

I've finished this casual Sunday look off with my trusty Topshop leather jacket that I've had since like...2012 or something and my leopard print skirt from Motel which is quickly becoming a Spring staple in my wardrobe!

Let me know what you think and be sure to check out Cherry Cats - she updates the shop with new designs fairly frequently and has something for all occasions!