Most Curious Wedding Show

Not gunna lie, I've been beginning to get a little overwhelmed with all this wedding malarky. Because in this modern age it's perfectly acceptable, nay, EXPECTED to throw caution to the wind and say fuck you to tradition you can now literally do ANYTHING you want on your wedding day. And whilst that is of course incredible, it's also opened so many doors that you can easily get lost in the endless labyrinth of pastel paper bunting and bespoke vintage invitations. It's quite something. 

So, in the hopes of trying to get a little more clarity on how we'd like our big day to pan out, me and y mum popped down to Brick Lane this weekend to visit Most Curious, the wedding fair that strips back the labels, embraces individuality and creativity and aims to ease off the pressure of the wedding checklist by creating a light-hearted wedding show with the edge taken off. You'll find no bridezillas here, instead you'll find friends and family, chatting and laughing and taking a chilled out approach to wedding planning. 

The show itself is like walking through every wedding Pinterest board or bridal Instagram account you've ever seen. Everything from boho in-touch-with-nature themes to bright pop-art balloons and candy coloured donuts, it's all here in one place and it was delightful and inspirational to just walk around and soak everything in. And we got to sample a LOT of free cake, so that was good too.

I purchased a few little bits and almost tried a dress of, but I'll share those at a later date. it's nice to keep some things as a surprise! What I can say is that just walking around, despite falling in love with pretty much every stall, I now have a much clearer vision and direction for where we want our wedding to go. 

Talk later!


  1. It was truly a wonderful show and wedding dresses displayed were amazing. I want a similar dress for my wedding but firstly searching wedding venues NYC which fits our budget. Then will decide other things accordingly.