The Liebster Awards

I was very excited the other day to see that my blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award! If you don't know, they essentially work kind of like a pass it on style of thing. The person who nominates you sets you 11 questions to answer and then you nominate more people and set questions for them to answer and so on. It's kind of like a 'my first blog award' but also a great way for up and coming blogs to boost their audience and get a little more recognition! You can read more here.

There are loads of variations of what one should do when nominated, but here are the four key rules to follow when you've been nominated:

1. You must thank the blog that nominated you. Although that's just common decency no?
2. You have to answer all of the questions set by the blog that nominated you
3. You must nominate other new bloggers
4. You must set 11 new questions for you nominees to answer

My blog was nominated by the lovely Kirsty Rose from Me, Cupcakes and Tea. As well as our mutual love for cupcakes, Kirsty's blog is a lovely cute corner of the blogsphere and comes across as very real and relatable. Check out my nomination here and have a look at some of the other lovely bloggers she nominated!

Without further ado, here's the questions she set for me to answer:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
It's funny for me to answer this because both places at the top of my list are in the pipelines for me to visit! So instead I'll say Boston in Autumn.
2. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
This is SUCH a difficult question! I'm going to say Helen Monks, who plays Germain in Raised By Wolves on C4 - doesn't take herself too seriously, quite quirky and a great sense of humour!
3. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Niche, funny, stubborn
4. You’re on a plane for 12 hours, who are you sitting next to?
Conor, because he won't care when I start getting restless and laying all over him
5. Describe your blog in 3 words.
Theme-parks (there's a hyphen, that only counts as one!), girly and ranty
6. Have you ever kept a diary?
I guess a blog is a kind of diary isn't it? But not in the traditional sense no, I haven't.
7. Do you still remember your first crush?
Honestly thinking about it, I don't! That makes me sad.
8. Do you watch Reality TV? What show is your favourite?
I dip in and out but I don't watch anything loyally.
9. How do you feel about clowns?
They're...fine? I'm not scared of them if that's what you mean.
10. If you were in a talent contest what would your talent be?
The ability to turn anything into a pun.
11. What is your favourite mode of transport?
My car. If I can drive there you bet your ass I'm doing it.
So, here are my nominees!
Amy from Nerdy Mermaids. alongside having hair mermaids themselves would be envious of and a blog name that is so cute it makes me wanna die, Amy's blog is full of all things pop culture from cute beauty tutorials to real thoughts on.
Olivia from My Life As A Student. Having only started her blog in January, Olivia's blog is definitely one to watch as she takes us on the scary journey of leaving for University!
Shannon from Never Grow Up. A fellow Disney obsessive, I fell in love with her blog from all of the Disneyland Paris posts she made. If you love Disney she's definitely one to check out.
Abby from The Achromat. This blog is absolutely stunning, her photography is to die for and she does some amazing US Beauty reviews!
Here are my questions for you lovely ladies:
1. What inspired your blog name?
2. Which Disney character do you most identify with and why?
3. If you could witness any moment in history what would it be?
4. You have £5000 for a shopping spree. Where do you go and what do you buy?
5. Do you like rollercoasters?
6. If you could change your name what would you change it to and why?
7. What is your opinion on pyjamas?
8. What song would be your dramatic entrance music if your life were a movie?
9. Describe what you love most about your friends
10. Which words best describe your blog?
11. If you were invisible for a day what would you do?
Thanks so much again to Kirsty for nominating me and I love forward to reading your responses!