Orlando Photobook - Part Three

This is the third instalment of a three part series, click here to check out Part One and Part Two!

OK, I know Busch Gardens isn't in Orlando, but I cheated. Sue me. So lastly there are two things I want to talk about. The first is going to make me sound supremely selfish and ungrateful, but I'm going to say it anyway. *Deep breath* I would love to visit Orlando on my own one day. On my own, but with Conor, obviously. I LOVE going with my family, of course I do, but when you've been as many times as we have it's easy to fall back into habit and tradition, and despite going out of our way to try new things, I'm always left wondering what I would have done differently had there been less opinions to take into consideration. Basically, I would have eaten in a lot more restaurants and drank in a lot more bars. My fam just aren't into that in a big way, which is cool, I get it, but there are so many incredible places to eat and drink in Orlando that it seems a shame to just head back to TGI Friday's!

Finally, I want to talk about how the landscape is changing. I could easily have the same discussion after my trip in 2013, or 2010 and so forth, but this time it really feels like things are being shaken up and it is AWESOME! For the first time it looks like Universal might be a real contender for dominating Orlando, and with the addition of the waterpark and rumoured third gate we can (and we will) only wildly speculate! And on top of that, it seems that after decades of pandering to the family market, Orlando are finally beginning to take big thrills seriously. The addition of Mako has really transformed the theme park skyline and the Polercoaster on International Drive will only add to that! Here's to a future of more magic, more exhilaration and more memories.

Speaking of memories, take a gander at my face:

That's it for another theme park trip photobook. Laters Orlando, see you in a bit!

Are you visiting Orlando soon? What are you most looking forward to riding? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to have a chat!

Talk later xoxo,