Massive American Make-Up Haul

As much as I love Disney and Universal, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a teeny bit excited about getting my hands on some US make-up free of customs charge guilt! Not going to lie, I found myself splurging in Sephora before I even checked into my hotel. I regret nothing! If I go through every damn thing I bought when I was out there we'd be here all day, so here's a handful of my favs!

First up I expanded my Kat Von D lipstick collection. I picked up two Studded Kiss Lipsticks - one in my beloved Lovecraft which is a gorgeous rich pinkish-brown colour and honestly the best lipstick I've ever owned and also A-Go-Go - a vibrant orange red that's so bright it's almost neon. Everything about these lipsticks is to die for - they have a soft vanilla scent and dry with the perfect velvet finish - not stickiness or dryness.

I also expanded my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection with a couple more pink shades in Mother and Lovesick. Mother is a dusty mauve-pink, subtle colour and does not budge for hours. Lovesick is quite close to Lovecraft in colour but I find the formula to be slightly more moisturising and long-wearing. Honestly these liquid lipsticks are incredible, not drying in the least and beautifully compliments the texture of my lips.

How could I go to the Kat Von D stand and not get my hands on her legendary Ink Liner - praised by bloggers worldwide as the best eyeliner on the market. This eyeliner goes on so easily and so to the point, no more faffing around with a brush for me! One thing I would say is that I do find I need to top up a little bit throughout the day but I think that's a small price to pay for the ease of application. In fact, I liked this so much I bought three, all in the shade Trooper.

Lastly from Kat Von D I treated myself to the Shade + Light Contour Quad in Rust and a Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Electric Warrior. The quad palette is a dream - a great sized grunge palette to shove straight in my handbag. The consistency is so light and powdery and so easy to blend yet so incredibly pigmented and powerful. I grabbed the Metal Crush Eyeshadow without really thinking about it - I was just drawn to the intense colour. And this wasn't a case of popping in the palette but lacklustre on the lid, this shadow stays true hours after application, my new go to!

OK, I know NYX have recently hit the Boots make-up stands here in the UK but I wanted to take advantage of that currency exchange rate, so I caved and topped up my lip liner collection. The consistency of these is really nice and creamy, but honestly I was a little disappointed with the colour upon application as opposed to in the pencil itself, it's just ever so slightly too light.

Finally is what I think may be the bargain of the century. I picked up these palettes to drool over before gingerly flipping them over to take a peek at the price, expecting to laugh, roll my eyes and place them neatly back where I found them. Turned out, these were $12 each. $12?! That's like....£8 or so!!! Insane! I spoke to the assistant and apparently these palettes are ridiculously popular in the US - I picked mine up in Urban Outfitters and apparently they'd just had a restock after being sold out for weeks. I can see why! I need a little more practice with contouring, at the moment any attempt I make usually results in me looking like a drag queen. Not a bad thing by any means, I just need something a little more subtle for the office.

So there we go, that's my make-up bag nicely stocked up for the foreseeable future (ha, who am I kidding, right?).

Have you every used any American make-up brands? Which are your favourite? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to have a chat!

Talk later xoxo,


  1. You have brought some lovely colours. I'm looking forward to visiting Sephora in July. There are a few lipsticks on my list and maybe a eye palette

    1. I would really recommend the Kat Von D quads! Not too ott and won't break the bank :)