What's In My Bag - Theme Park Edition

Packing for a theme park trip is a fine art. You don't want to be too bulky because it'll be cumbersome to wander around with all day but at the same time you don't want to be caught off guard. So here's a breakdown of what I can't visit a park without!

1. Park tickets.
More often than not I'll pre-book online as it's usually much cheaper. If I'm going on a longer trip with more than one park from the same chain I'll invest in an annual pass - I've built up quite the collection over the years!

2. My phone
Obviously, but I'm more thinking of it as a queue busting device than anything. Download games like Heads Up that you can play in groups to help pass the time.

3. Purse
Again, obvious, but I specifically switch over to a smaller pocket sized version all for the sack of space saving. You don't need to bring your full on purse with every loyalty card under the sun packed into it, downsize and only take the essentials.

4. Tangle Teezer
Specifically a Tangle Teezer, not just any hairbrush. Not only do these fit nicely into a bag without taking too room, they're also perfect for taming that post-coaster frizz.

5. Sunglasses
A day out at a park means you're pretty much wandering around outside all day, and chances are you've chosen to go on a sunny day. I literally don't know where I'd be without my sunnies, standing in the glaring sun all day can become quite vile!

6. Nurofen
Yes, even the most seasoned of coaster riders can suffer from a little post-ride headache, especially if you're hitting it really hard! A headache is a sure fire way to ruin a day at a park, so tactical Nurofen are always a lifesaver and I never visit a park without them.

7. Deodorant
Walking around a park all day is sweaty work, so its definitely a good idea to pack some deodorant just in case. Besides, it's only fair to the people you'll be rubbing up against as you queue that you don't stink!

8. InstaxMini
I always carry my Instax when I got to a park. I find theme parks are always full of quirky little bits and bobs that look amazing on film and I never want to miss the chance for a snap!

9. Waterproof bag
Chances are you'll be riding a water ride at some point during your day, so a good idea is to bring a waterproof bag along to slip anything you don't want ruined inside.

Those are my can't-go-on-a-trip-withouts. Obviously weather dependent other items slip in and out but these are my go-tos to throw in a bag before heading to a park!