Stuff I Love - Cruelty Free Faves

Last month I finally took the plunge and did something I've wanted to do for ages: go cruelty free with my make-up! So many brands I use now are cruelty free as standard now that it just made sense to switch over the final few products I was still using that weren't.

One of the best things about this change has been getting to try some completely new to me brands, and discovering new products from brands I'm already loving. I thought I'd do a run down of my fav discoveries since making the change.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick
I've been absolutely loving NYX since they finally became available from Boots here in the UK. Cruelty free, on trend AND kind to your bank balance? I can see my make-up bag filling up with loads more of their products in the near future. I'd already tried their NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick earlier in the year but those shades are more neutral whereas the Liquid Suede has a much more vibrant POP of colour!

I grabbed my first two in the shades Amethyst (a vibrant purple) and Orange County (a solid orange-red). They're not as opaque on first application as Makeup Monsters (my all time fave liquid lip), but they're good to go with a second coat. They're extremely long-wearing, moisturising and do not budge with food and drink, and they're only £6.50! One in every shade please.

treaclemoon Bath and Shower Gel
First things first, these smell INCREDIBLE. You know when you physically have to stop yourself from eating it. They're that good. The scents are amazing and have an incredible range. At the moment I'm loving Marsh Mallow Hearts which is a light, fluffy and sweet scent. All of them are fragrant but not sickeningly so, and they look Instagram ready lined up in your bathroom.

The company are also awesome, completely vegan and cruelty-free alongside supporting charities such as Bullies Out and their #BeYou project. Basically they're just an all round good egg and you get to float around smelling like a dream whilst simultaneously doing some good in the world. I'm on board!

Barry M: Lash Vegas Mascara, Showgirl Extra Volumising Mascara and Flawless Finish Foundation
One of the biggest changes I made when choosing to go cruelty free was the switch over to a different mascara. I've ALWAYS been a Maybelline girl, but it was time for a change and after a bit of research it seemed Barry M was a good shout for an affordable cruelty free alternative.

I couldn't decide which to go for so I nabbed two seeing as they were buy 2 get 1 free in Tesco. Lash Vegas is extremely lengthening and jet black whereas Showgirl Extra Volumising really gives some weight to your lashes but isn't too great at lengthening and darkening them. So I use both! It's a bit of a faff I have to admit but the two together do provide everything I need from a mascara.

The Flawless Finish Foundation is a new product from Barry M and an alternative to the Too Faced Foundation I'd been using before (amazing product but a little too harsh on the pursestrings!). For £5.99 this stuff is pretty incredible. It's oil free and moisturising and definitely leaves me skin feeling refreshed and not cakey at all. It does take a couple of layers to achieve the coverage I was but once it's on and when combined with a good primer it doesn't budge. I love it and can't believe how cheap it is!

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs High Definition Microfinish Pressed Powder
Let's start off by talking about this packaging. How can you not instantly fall in love with this product? I first saw Lunatick Lab's stuff on Toxic Tear's YouTube channel and decided then that I simply had to have some of their products, and this caught my eye the most so I nabbed it.

I've used a clear white powder for over a year now and find it's the best option as it doesn't mess with anything I've already put on my face colour-wise. The product goes such a long way, I hardly need anything on my brush to do my whole face and hardly have to top up throughout the day - even on a vile sweaty day like this one! I can't wait to grab something else of theirs, I've got my eye on their contouring palette next!


  1. Those nyx lipsticks look amazing 😍 and I love this idea for a post so much! I would love to do something similar 🙊

    1. They're literally so good, and such unusual colours! You definitely should xx