Flamingo Candles - Spooky Edition

I've banged on before about The Melt Crowd by Flamingo Candles. For those not in the know, it's a monthly subscription where delicious scented melts get delivered to your door every month to ensure your home smells enviously good month in month out! I've been enjoying this service for a few months now but wanted to take the time to show you what you're missing out on if you haven't already signed up because the October box was UNREAL.

The Melt Crowd has really helped me bring those autumn vibes to my flat this month with the amazing Sugar and Spice box. Split into two 'categories' of flavours, this month's box is full of complimentary sweet and more savoury smells that really some up that sugary spiciness that seems to just hang in the air during the autumn months.

As if this wasn't enough ridiculous delicious smelling goodness to get you on board, this month's box also has a special Pink Ribbon themed scent and £2 from every box is going to the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help raise funds as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So, what was inside this month's box then? As part of The Melt Crowd you get to savour exclusive smellies that aren't available anywhere else. This month we were absolutely spoiled with SIX exclusive scents: Cherry Sundae, CandyFloss & Pear Drops Duo, Salted Caramel Apple, Buttered Rum, Sweet Tobacco and Pumpkin & Walnut as well as Oriental Lotus & Rose Otto and their Special Edition Pink Ribbon Melt.

By far the 'Spice' lineup have me absolutely salivating, with the stand out so far being Pumpkin & Walnut. It absolutely oozes Halloween vibes and pumpkin patch hayrides - everything I adore about this season. So sad that I can't buy a full sized version of this one as I'd probably have about ten by now! Perfect to snuggle up to and enjoy some spooky movies to.

I'm trying to pace myself to space out the autumnal smells for as long as I possibly can but who am I kidding? I literally can't get enough and have had to go out and buy more wax burners so I can burn more than one at once. I'm a fully fledged addict and I'm not afraid to admit it. Not looking forward to the downer when I realise I've used them all up...

Can't wait to see what goodness next month's box will bring!

Talk later xoxo,