7 Movies I Wish I Watched in 2016

I'll be the first to admit I've been a bit crap when it comes to watching films this year. It seemed any time I had time to go to the cinema nothing good was on and we also got caught in the Netflix trap where you just stick any old shit on because you're too lazy to find anything else! And as such, I've missed quite a lot of films I was gagging to see this year, so I've decided to compile a list in the hope that next time I'm stuck for what to watch I can refer here for a quick decision. So here we go, a countdown of things I wanted to watch in 2016 but didn't quite get around to...

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
So, I didn't see a trailer for this nor did I see any posters. What I did see was everybody raving about how good it was once they'd watched it, and by the time I'd tracked down a cinema that was actually showing the bloody thing it was too late! Seeing as I absolutely ADORE What We Do In The Shadows, I can't see me not loving director Taika Waititi's most recent endeavour.

Hell or High Water
Another one that totally passed me by. Whilst everyone was wetting their pants over the disappointing Magnificent Seven remake, another Western slithered by unnoticed by the masses. And it wasn't until recently that I read the premise and thought this sounded right up my street! Despite director David Mackenzie having a fair few IMDB credits under his belt, I've never actually seen anything else he's done so style wise I have no idea if I'll enjoy this or not, but I do secretly love a Western and the modern take on the genre in Hell or High Water has my attention.

American Honey
I'm the absolute worst, and completely missed the latest from one of my all time favourite directors Andrea Arnold this year. Like I said, I've been a bit crap with staying on top of these things this year, so unless there were constant trailers in my face I kind of didn't realise a lot of things existed - American Honey among them. I'm a massive fan of teenage social realism films, with Fish Tank and Thirteen being some of my favourites of all time and from what I can see American Honey is a blend of the two of these. I'm excited to see what Arnold does in an American setting and how she transfers that dystopian British urban landscape to the American Midwest.

High Rise
OK, I blame the trailers for this one. Lord knows I'm not an action movie fan by any stretch of the imagination and every trailer I saw for High Rise made it look like a lame Western attempt at The Raid (a rare exception to my 'action is crap' mantra). So I was kicking myself when I did a bit of research to find that High Rise is directed by none other than Ben Wheatley, the man responsible for the incredible black comedy Sightseers! So I thought it'd be rude not to give this one a watch sometime soon.

Nocturnal Animals
Honestly, I didn't even know this existed until earlier this month when the Internet started low murmurings of 'best movie of the year' about Nocturnal Animals. What?! How did this pass me by?! I wasn't even doing anything in November so I have no excuse for missing this really. Honestly though I'm not a huge fan of A Single Man, director Tom Ford's other endeavour, so I'm going to head into this one open minded, but when literally everyone is saying how good this movie is I can hardly disagree before I've been able to sit down and watch for myself.

Sing Street
Honestly, I saw LOADS of trailers and advertising for Sing Street, but on the surface it kind of made me think of The Commitments and I fucking HATE that movie, so I kind of just went nah and waved it by. Turns out apparently it's a really good fun old fashioned feel good movie and I'm kind of sad I missed it. Only kind of, because despite everybody gushing about this one I myself am not a massive music fan, so I'm kind of thinking this won't has as much of an impact on me as others but I'll happily give it a go anyway just to see what all the fuss is about.

Try as I might, I could not find a cinema outside of central London arthouse types that showed this damn movie, so I decided I'd have to wait for Julieta to come out before getting the chance to watch. The latest from the legendary Pedro Almodovar, you just know this is going to be big, melodramatic, hilarious and full of fabulous women slaying their roles. I can't wait to finally sit down and watch it, it's one of those movies that does often slip my mind but whenever I'm reminded of it I'm instantly filled with excitement to watch!

Hopefully this now means I'll stop watching crap and right some of the wrongs of my 2016 film watching. And one of my 2017 New Year's Resolutions is definitely to make the effort to see more good movies in the cinema!

Talk later xoxo,