Paperchase Christmas Sale Haul

Alongside the Lush sale, Paperchase is the other high street store I just have to head to post Christmas to scoop up some bargains. I fall head over heels with the Paperchase Christmas range every damn year and 2016 was no exception. I made a mental note of everything I wanted and then hit the stores trying to sniff out the pieces I most wanted. Here's what I nabbed...

I've become quite the blog photo background hoarder, picking up bits and pieces to scatter wherever I can, and when I saw this gorgeous snowflake table confetti I just had to have it. In fact, I loved it so much I've used it in this very post! It's a gorgeous squishy 3D felt with a mix of silver, white and iridescent colours to give a proper festive palette. They're pretty robust too meaning I've packed them safely away ready to use over again next Christmas.

Paperchase do love a woodland theme for their Christmas range and I always look forward to seeing what kind of quirky twist they're going to put on it to give it that true Paperchase flare. Sadly I missed out on these awesome Geometric Woodland Animal decorations but luckily I did manage to track down these incredible constellation pieces. Bringing together the 2016 geometric trend with a little dash of mystique, these pieces are truly unique and the gorgeous gold and copper match perfectly with my Christmas theme. I can't wait to hang them from my tree in 2017!

Did I mention I'm a hoarder? I resisted picking these up earlier in December knowing full well they'd go into the sale and my hunch was right. These bells are absolutely stunning, giving a touch of classic Christmas elegance to blog photos or by threading together and attaching to presents once wrapped. There's an absolute ton in the box so I know I'm going to have loads of fun getting creative with these next year!

Ok, but how fucking cute are these baubles? They're like the Christmas version of those awesome sequin balloons and I absolutely love the colours of the stars within. They're all just subtle enough to blend in with my copper, gold and black colour scheme and think these will look gorgeous in my living room!

Last, but definitely not least, how fucking cool is this decoration? I've always said I like my theme park enthusiast home touches to be a little more on the subtle side and this is absolutely right up my street! Conor bought it for me as a gift and I was absolutely over the moon with it. It's kitsch, it matches my colour scheme, it's Christmassy and it's SANTA RIDING A FUCKING ROLLERCOASTER! Could there be a more perfect decoration created just for me? I think not!

That's my Paperchase Christmas Sale Haul for 2016! Now to carefully pop everything back away in the decoration cupboard until 2017 rolls around. And with that it feels like Christmas 2016 is well and truly done. I hope you all had a lovely one! Now, bring on 2017...

Talk later xoxo,