7 Must Dos at Disneyland Paris Christmas

So, you're thinking of spending Christmas at the most magical place on Earth? Awesome! But where to start?! There's so much stuff to pack in and you don't want to miss a single moment of the magic so I've listed my 7 must do Christmas activities to help put you on the right track for your visit. So without further ado...

Watch it snow on Main Street U.S.A
One of the most magical things that could possibly happen during a visit to Disneyland at Christmas is that it'll actually begin to snow, but just in case the weather doesn't play along Disney have you covered. A few times a day it will really start to snow on Main Street U.S.A! OK, not really really, but it's super convincing and really adds to the enchanting atmosphere.

Meet the characters in their Christmas best
Everyone at Disneyland Paris is full of Christmas spirit, and the characters are no exception! During the Christmas celebrations you can catch some of your favourite characters all dressed up in their festive best ready for the holiday season and can sometimes even be found surrounded by presents and decorations. It's a great opportunity to grab a gorgeous Christmas snap to stick on a card and send to your loved ones!

Update your decorations!
OK, Christmas decorations can be purchased all year round at Disneyland Paris in the fabulous Christmas shop found within Sleeping Beauty's castle, but during the winter months decorations can be found in practically every shop. If you're quick enough you can also grab yourself some seasonal specialty items exclusive to that particular year so you're pretty much guaranteed to come up with something sparkly to hang from your tree.

Get in some night-riding
During winter the sun goes down a lot earlier, meaning more time to experience the park at its best - when it's all lit up in the dark! And by far the best part of this is being able to ride all of your favourites in the dark. OK, so because most of the rides are indoors it doesn't quite have the same dramatic effect as say, Nemesis in the dark, but there's definitely an extra spark of excitement. My favourite to ride at night is the Tower of Terror, nothing beats those elevator doors opening to reveal the entire resort twinkling before your eyes before you plummet.

Grab a hot drink and snuggle up to watch Disney Dreams of Christmas
For some reason France is even colder than the UK during the winter months, so although you just wrap up warm and plough on throughout the day, by the time it comes to finding a good spot to watch Dreams chances are you'll be frozen to the bone. Before you choose your spot grab a hot drink to keep yourself toasty warm whilst you're waiting for the night time spectacular to begin!

Catch the Christmas Parade
If you love parades then you're in luck. Visiting Disneyland Paris at Christmas means not only do you get to enjoy the regular scheduled Disney Magic on Parade, but twice a day you'll also get to dance along to the Christmassy jingle of Disney's Christmas Parade as it dances its way through the park. The music is ridiculous festive and catchy, you get to see all your favourite characters dressed up for Christmas and you get to wave hello to Father Christmas himself.

Watch Mickey and Minnie light up the tree
If you're still not feeling the festive fun (let's be honest, at this point how could you not?) catching Mickey's Magical Christmas Lights will surely do the trick. Gather around the giant Christmas tree on Main Street U.S.A. and sing carols with Mickey and Minnie before they're joined by Santa to help switch on the lights! It's ridiculously festive and is guaranteed to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Pure magic!

And above all, enjoy yourself and have a magical time! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and sit in a corner and cry because my magical Disney Christmas is now over...

Talk later xoxo,


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