Disneyland Paris Haul

Any trip to Disneyland Paris always ends up with my purse hating me, and this most recent trip was no exception! It's Christmas right? (As if I need a reason to treat myself to Disney tat!) I'm ridiculously fussy when it comes to theme park merchandise, so for me to come back with a haul this big it seems Disneyland Paris have upped their game!

OK, can we talk about how friggin' ADORABLE these mugs are?! They look like something you'd find in Tokyo Disneyland, they're just too damn cute! I have a bit of a problem when it comes to theme park mugs, and I've resisted in recent visits but I just had to cave in for these cuties. They're almost too pretty to use, I just want to have them sitting around so I can stare at them!

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this year's Disney Christmas decoration offering here in the UK. Last year I literally wanted everything in the collection, so was a bit bummed out when there was literally nothing I wanted. Cue Disneyland Paris to save the day! Similarly their collection wasn't amazing, but they did have a small range of park specific bits with characters on rides, including this decoration of Pearla and Gus from Cinderella enjoying a spin on the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups! I love the pastel colouring and subtle theme park reference, everything I look for in park merch.

After mugs, stationary is my second biggest weakness when it comes to merch, so I treated myself to a few new pens for the office, including these cute little Christmassy numbers! My collection of this style of pen is getting slightly out of control but who cares, it always brings me back to my happy place whenever I use them and that can only be a good thing where I'm concerned!

It seems recently that the Disney parks have taken a shine to the more vintage style of characters. I had my eye on these when we visited back in April but we were a little short on funds so I'm so glad we managed to nab these on this trip! I absolutely adore their subtle greyscale colouring and can't wait to have them displayed on my new sofa.

Finally Conor treated me to this gorgeous mini-backpack! I saw it on our very first day and spent the rest of the weekend lusting over it. It looks like something straight out of the Disney x Lazy Oaf collection, and for a fraction of the price! It features a really cute little clasp on the inside, adjustable straps at the back and cool metallic detail all along the bottom. I absolutely love it!

That's everything I picked up on this visit! I think this is my favourite Disneyland haul I've ever collected, like I said they've really upped their game and I can't wait to see what awesome stuff they've added to next year's merch line up.

Talk later xoxo,