CoasterCrate Unboxing

The wait is finally over! The awesome CoasterCrate, a subscription box for coaster geeks, has finally landed with Box Zero arriving on my doorstep this weekend. I've been absolutely gagging to get my claws into this since it was announced a few months ago, so without further ado let's dive in to my first ever CoasterCrate unboxing!

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

OK so first up and something I'm really looking forward to seeing pop up on my park visits in 2017 is this oh so geeky official CoasterCrate t-shirt! This one-of-a-kind shirt features a design that incorporates legendary coaster elements and allows you to wear your coaster nerd badge with pride! This is the first of many limited edition items that will ONLY be available to CoasterCrate subscribers, so super exclusive. The shirt is really good quality and comes in an awesome off-red colour, featuring the CoasterCrate logo itself on the inside of the collar.

Now let's dive into the Europa Park tat! Back in November CoasterCrate announced that they'd secured a partnership with the legendary German theme park which only increased my excitement and made the anticipation all the more unbearable! And boy did they deliver, there's a whole bunch of awesome bits and bobs for every collecting style. Let's take a closer look...

First up is a piece I've often eyed up browsing the gift shop shelves of Europa Park but always thought would be a little questionable going back through customs, and that is the Wodan Wooden Block. This is an actual real life piece of wood from the same cut used to make the fierce GCI Wodan.  And for the uber geeks, each piece comes with individual numbering and a description of which section of track your piece comes from!

Next up, it's Europe's second favourite rodent flavoured theme park mascot, Euromaus, in adorable mini-plushie form! From the label it seems that this guy is from the 40th anniversary celebration collection, so a real celebratory piece of European theme park history and cute as hell to boot.

Keeping with the mascot theme, also included in the Europa Park haul is a park mascot mystery bag! Mine turned out to be the chicken, apparently he's called Louis... It's actually really good quality, well painted and adorable if you love collecting theme park mascot merch.

Finally, from the awesome guys at Europa Park we have one for the badge collectors among us, a colourful safety-pin backed badge featuring characters from the park's new 4D cinema show Happy Family which is an adventure into the world of the W√ľnschmann family of monsters!

Who loves a good park map? Box Zero contains two of these bad boys: one from Yorkshire park Lightwater Valley, home of the infamously brutal The Ultimate and the other belongs to Movie Park Germany alongside a little sneak peek at the awesome looking Star Trek: Operation Enterprise coaster opening next year. There's also a cheeky Spongebob Squarepants pencil thrown in too!

Lastly is the very cool cardboard VR headset from Coastiality. Working with MackMedia to develop VR worlds for guests to experience using VR headsets on selected coasters at Europa Park, Coastiality have now given us the chance to experience this in the comfort of our own homes - perfect for when the parks are closed! Simply download the Coastiality app, pop your phone into the headset and ride on!

God, anybody else a little overwhelmed by how much awesome stuff we've just gone through? And this was just Box Zero! We can't wait for round two, and the awesome people at CoasterCrate have given us a little teaser to share with you all...

So that's that for my first ever CoasterCrate unboxing! And as always make sure you use code CUPCAKES at the checkout to receive an extra £2 off for the first 10 people that use it, so go go go!

Talk later xoxo,