Attraction Review: Disneyland Paris Christmas, Part Three

Make sure you check out Part One and Two before you read on!

Our second day at the Resort was spent at Walt Disney Studios to get our Tower of Terror fix and to check out the new show Mickey and the Magician which has been getting rave reviews from pretty much everyone.

A much less gloomy start to the day this time but still foggy, causing some really cool shadows as we entered the park that morning. And the crowds were piling in. OK, it's a couple of weekends before Christmas so of course we expected it to be busy, but unlike Disneyland Parc, Walt Disney Studios just cannot handle the crowds, so as soon as we entered the park pretty much everything we wanted to ride already had queues of over an hour. Instead we nabbed ourselves a Fastpass for Ratatouille, bit the bullet and jumped on the tram tour to kill sometime before our viewing of Mickey and the Magician.

God is this ride fucking awful. It's SO dated, and no amount of Jeremy Irons charms can distract from how much the tram tour blows in every possible way. Yes the sets are impressive but for me there's no way to justify how much land this shit show takes up. Anyway, rant over and it was time for us to head over to the Animagique Theatre!

Our friends were awesome again and had reserved us the best seats in the house! I've never seen a show declared 'full' before at the studios but this one is ridiculously popular and there were already people waiting from the 12.50PM showing as we entered for the 11.45AM showing. It's INSANE. And with good cause, this is some West End level production values. Essentially it's a bunch of very cool magic tricks to a Disney storyline with some favourite characters and songs, but everything about it is spot on. I won't ruin it, but if you're visiting any time soon please make seeing this top of your to do list.

Next it was time to shrink down to the size of a rat and go galavanting around the restaurant scene of Paris! I've gone on and on before about how much I fucking LOVE this ride, and that hasn't changed. The pacing, the mixture of practical and visual effects, the 3D, the trackless cars. Everything, it's amazing and I could ride it all day. And I would have done, if it hadn't been boasting a two hour plus queue pretty much all day. It's a harsh price to pay for the magic of a Disney Christmas but hey, clever use of Fastpass and Single Rider Queues means there are ways around it, you just have to sacrifice rerides.

Any trip to the Walt Disney Studios wouldn't be complete without catching a showing of Cinemagique. And also everything else had ridiculously long queues and no Fastpass available, so it'd have to do. Nah, I kid, I do actually love this. Any cinephile would, it's essentially cinema's greatest hits smooshed together into an adventurous caper with Martin Short. Awesome! Well OK, maybe not the Martin Short bit but there's something really fab about taking such a whirlwind journey through the movies!

The rest of the day was the usual alternating between Tower of Terror bae and Rock n Roller Coaster. Turns out the park empties out pretty quickly once the sun goes down so we did manage to squeeze in a good few rides before the park closed. We also managed to grab a pic with Disney's newest heroine Moana! She was fab.

And that concluded our Christmas visit to Disneyland Paris! Honestly I thought Walt Disney Studios would be slightly more Christmassified and it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world wandering around the parks when it was so crowded, but we had an amazing time taking in all the Christmassy goodness!

Talk later xoxo