Sugarpill Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Forget matte lipsticks, it's all about the metallics as we leap into 2017! Everybody from Jeffree Star to Limecrime to NYX Cosmetics have brought out their own range. Honestly, I was a little bit nervous about trying a metallic lip for the first time. Even for me it seems like king of an extreme look to me? That said, when I laid eyes on the Sugarpill metallics I instantly feel in love and new I had to get my hands on a few of them to try them out to myself, so I added them straight to the top of my Christmas list. Here's what I thought!

So I was lucky enough to receive two shades, Trinket and Pumpkin Spice. The promo pics are an absolute dream, like you just look at them and instantly want them in your makeup bag. They're honestly that pretty!

Firstly, can we talk about this packaging? Let's look at the boxes first, they're just so beautiful I do not want to throw them away! Like the lipsticks themselves, the packaging has very light flecks of glitter and the beautiful kind of metallic/pastel colour palette you'd expect from Sugarpill. And look at the adorable little pumpkin spiced latte cartoon, how can you not absolutely die when you look at that?

The tubes and applicators are similar to the Jeffree Star and Makeup Monsters ones. The applicator is extremely soft and fluffy and slightly curved on one side to comfortably fit the lip as you apply. The only thing I would say is that similarly to Jeffree Star applicators, I find it quite hard to get a precise application with this so once I've got the bulk done I usually use my own lip brush to sharpen up the edges.

Of course as with everything in the Sugarpill range, the lipsticks are totally cruelty free and vegan. The formula for both is extremely light and mousse-like, incredible soft and fluffy and light to the touch. It's so lightweight that you can barely feel it on your lips once applied so it's extremely comfortable to wear.

Trinket was the first one I was gushing over. After missing out on the Bei BadGirl x Sugarpill collaborations I was so excited to hear that Sugarpill were permanently releasing this lip as Trinket! The lipstick is a light dusty pink/mauve colour accented with tiny flecks of gold. Honestly, the pictures of the website make the colour look a LOT more pink and glittery, but in real life it's more nude in colour and subtle on the glitter. So much so that on first application I couldn't even see the glitter and wondered if I had a dodgy batch. Once it dries down though it's got a gorgeous subdued shine to it that makes it completely wearable day to day and not too overpowering at all! One of the things I LOVE about this shade is that it has a delicious chocolate orange scent which basically just wafts up to your nose all day. Seriously awesome!

Pumpkin Spice was released late December and I rushed to the website at 9AM to make sure I got one in time for Christmas. Where Trinket is subtle in its glitter Pumpkin Spice goes full throttle! It's SO sparkly and literally just one swipe onto your lips is enough. The coverage is absolutely insane and it keeps its shine even once dried. The only thing I would say with this one though is that it's not half as long wearing as Trinket. You do have to top up after you've eaten/drank something which can be a bit annoying, especially considering the aforementioned fact that the applicator isn't the most accurate. But the colour is just so blindingly gorgeous I'm just kind of nitpicking. Oh, and did I mention this is scented to smell like a pumpkin spiced latte? Giving me autumnal Halloween vibes all day long and I LOVE it!

I am seriously impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. Everything from the packaging to the gorgeous unique colours to the fab subtle extras like the amazing scents. Seriously, if you're thinking of trying a metallic liquid lip I couldn't recommend these more. The best thing too is that despite ordering directly from the Sugarpill website I didn't have to pay customs fees either time, which is SUCH a plus because honestly I'd have coughed up either way because they're just so damn pretty!

Talk later xoxo,