Beauty Review: True Professional Make-Up Brushes

Every now and then I come across a beauty bargain so great I can't believe it has even happened. I always make sure I poke my nose around the bargain drugstores in my town just in case I find some buried treasure, and low and behold I've stumbled across these bad boys. On first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking these gorgeous brushes were from the awesome Spectrum Collections. The oil slick rainbow detailing is reminiscent of the Siren Collection and the ombre coloured brush hairs are clearly inspired by Spectrum's signature style.

But prepare for the shock of your life, these pretty babies are actually from budget drugstore Savers of all places! Unfortunately due to the budget nature of the product there was no information about the product on the box at all and despite a fair effort of Googling I can't find anything else about them except that they're called 'True Professional Make-Up Brushes'. When I first spotted them in their little individual boxes hanging on the shelf I couldn't believe it. Then I saw the price and couldn't believe it even more. They're only £3 a pop and the store I bought them from only had three styles available: the eyeliner brush, the blush brush and the foundation brush. Naturally I bought them all because I was so excited.

I kind of thought that despite these looking beautiful they probably would have those cheap course bristles you usually find on cheaper make-up brushes, so I opened the box with anticipation. Oh my god, SO SOFT! But then that means they'll definitely shed all over my face when I use them right? Nope! I've been using these for over a week now and not a single bristle has strayed. Honestly I can't believe what a fantastic product these brushes are. I'd actually go as far as to say they're slightly better than the Spectrum Brushes because the handles have a matte finish meaning there's a lot more grip. My only qualm would be that I'd love to see a bit more range of brush styles. I'm gagging for a fan brush so keep popping into every Savers I stumble upon just in case, and as of yet I haven't found any other than these three.

I still can't believe my luck at finding these! I still live in hope that more styles will be available soon but in the meantime I urge you to go down to your nearest Savers and scoop these bad boys up before they disappear!

Talk later xoxo,


  1. I have also bought and used these beauties from savers, they had a blender brush too which is great!!

    1. Aren't they just fab! I stick my head in whenever I pass a Savers just to see if they've got any more to add to my collection! xx

  2. They do also have a Powder Brush and an Eyeshadow Brush now. They have some oval brushes, but the handle quality isn't great and they're quite difficult to wash...