Lush Valentine's Day Haul

Another season, another excuse to go and splurge on cute Lush goodies! I pretty much adore heart-shaped anything but heart-shaped bath time goodness? Hell yes, Lush's Valentine's range is probably my second favourite (after Halloween of course!) and I was super excited to see what the 2017 range had in store! Here's what I got my hands on...

Love Spell Massage Bar
Surely I can't be the only one who thinks Lush's massage bars look like delicious bars of chocolate? Add to that the fact that like Love Spell they're usually packed full of cocoa butter and you'd be forgiven if you accidentally gave in and took a bite...Seriously though, Love Spell is super cute! A dusty rose colour speckled with little hearts, deliciously buttery and rose-scented and literally melt-in-your-hands soft. Can't wait to nourish my winter-dried skin with this little number!

Lover Lamp
Boasting the classic red-hearts-on-white design, Lover Lamp is keeping in true traditional Valentine's theme with a delicate buttery scented white bath bomb packed with mini-cocoa butter hearts. I LOVE this idea, it's like the gift that keeps on giving - just when the bath bomb fizz stops you still have the cocoa butter to melt down. There's also a slight citrussy tang to compliment the softness of the butter just right, heaven!

Rose Bombshell
I can't wait to see this one in action. Not only is it stuffed full of rose-scented awesomeness, it also promises an explosion of petals once the first layer fizzes away! Honestly, I've never been a HUGE fan of petals in the bath.In theory they sound lovely and romantic, but in reality they end up in a sludgey mess floating around your toes - not the nicest of sensations! But still, as we know with Lush it's all about the spectacle!

Rose Jam
Yh, there's definitely a theme here wit this year's Valentine's Day range - we've gone full on rose overload. And no more so than the Rose Jam bath melt - remember what I was saying earlier about wanting to eat the massage bars? I want to eat this one even more. Seriously how much does this look like a delicious Viennese Whirl? What's also fab about this is that you can break it into two pieces so you get double the fun. Only potential downside is this is super oily so maybe one for keeping your hair out of the way of!

That's it for this year's haul. I'll be honest and say I got my hands on these a little too late meaning some of the bits I'd wanted to pick up had sadly sold out by the time I got too them. Also sad to see that some of the other glittery heart shaped bits and bobs didn't make a return for 2017. That said, I am in love with how much my bathroom now reeks of roses.

Talk later xoxo,


  1. Ohhh how I wish there was a Lush store near me - these look amazing!!! Thanks for the post! Now I'm off to stalk their website haha!

    1. Omg I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have one near me! They're so bad for my bank account though <//3 Thanks for the comment lovely! xoxo