First World Theme Park Problems

Chances are if you're into the crazy hobby of theme parks and coasters you come from a pretty privileged position. That's not to say some of us don't spend ages counting every penny and saving meticulously to be able to afford to visit all the awesome places we do, but the fact that this is even an option for us is something we should all be so grateful for.

But coming from a place of privilege, we often forget that the 'problems' that come hand in hand with this hobby aren't really true problems at all when you look at them in the wider context of the world. Enthusiasts are renowned for moaning, it's an intrinsic bonding activity for making friends in this weird and wonderful community, so today I thought we'd take a look at some of the most ridiculous First World Theme Park problems I've encountered in my time as an enthusiast!

Too Many Opening Day Decisions
This is something I'm currently battling with. I've got a ton of cool park trips lined up and realistically I want to aim to be at the opening day for everything I possibly can, but in reality I've made so many plans that some things are inevitably going to clash, meaning I'll miss out on the opening day buzz which I'm super bummed about. Such a non-issue in the wider scheme of things, like oh, my calendar is just jam packed with so much fun stuff that I'm not going to have time to enjoy all the fun stuff that I want to. Lol.

Low Bank Balance 
I mean having a low bank balance as a direct result of booking too many park trips. This again is something I'm battling with currently. Like oh no I'm so poor! Well yh, that's because I've just booked about four theme park trips throughout the year and now have a bunch of awesome stuff to look forward to. Must remember that next time I check my bank balance and my heart skips a beat because there's basically just moths in there.

Purse Won't Close
I haven't had this issue since about 2014, but that year I went on so many trips and bought so many park passes that my purse literally wouldn't close and I had to have a massive sort out to stop it bursting at the seams. Again, this is one of those things where it shows just how lucky you are - the passes are a physical representation of all your hard work of working and saving up to be able to afford all of these passes in the first place. The fact that my purse won't close because of it is such a non-issue in context.

No Memory On Phone
Oh god, my daily struggle. It usually happens more once the season kicks in and recently I've gotten pretty good at wiping the rubbish pics that I don't use out of it more often. I've been at parks or attractions SO many times, happily snapping away on my phone when all of a sudden the dreaded message appears telling me I have no more storage available to take more. Hmph. Cue me hastily getting rid of hundreds of selfies to make room for more coaster pics. And I'll be damned if I'm paying 79p for more storage on the iCloud. DAMNED I TELL YOU!

Running Out Of Parks
I think this is probably the ultimate First World Theme Park problem - that awkward moment when you've visited so many parks all over the world that you've actually run out of big clusters to do and are now struggling to plan where your next trip will be. I'm currently kind of at this state with Europe - the only places left I haven't been don't really contain a huge number of bigger parks, so it's hard for me to justify the trip even though I know it'll be loads of fun. I can't imagine what it'll be like in a few years when the rest of the major trips I want to do are ticked off!

Spoiled twats, the lot of us! I'm trying hard to check myself next time I get annoyed at any of these silly little things and remind myself how lucky I am to have not only found this community and hobby in the first place but actually be in a position to pursue all the awesome trips I want to go on.

Tell me, what's a First World Theme Park problem you've come across? Did you realise how dumb it was to even be annoyed by it and then laugh it off? Let me know in the comments, you know I love hearing from you guys!

Talk later xoxo,

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