Why You Should Consider Travelling Abroad With A Coaster Club

I'm going to show my age here, but there's something sad to me about this new generation of enthusiasts. With the rise of social media the way we interact with each other has changed dramatically, and with it there seems to be a decline in big club meet ups of old. There are tons of people I chat with on a regular basis on Twitter etc, but I've never met up with - just a few years back there definitely would have been some huge meet where we'd finally have come face to face by now. Hell, one of the main reasons I've visited parks abroad in the first place and broadened my horizons is because of these groups. So, I thought I'd take a little time today to sing the virtues of travelling abroad with a coaster club!

It's Cheaper
Number one - it'll save you a bunch of money. Yes, of course you can gather a group of mates and plan something together, but let's face it, the reality of those things coming to fruition is slim to none and there's always that one flaky mate who says they're really up for a jaunt to Europa Park this summer then when it comes down to booking suddenly can't get the time off work. With a coaster club, you've got a bunch of people all with the same goals and who are willing to split the cost of the hire car five ways. Woohoo!

Some of my favourite theme park memories are from ERT sessions that the park has laid on because of the size of our group or because we were known to the parks themselves. And it doesn't just stop at ERT - during park visits with coaster clubs I've walked the tracks of coasters, had a beer in a backstage area from the engineer's private stash, joined in Q&As with park management and even had sneak peeks at future projects. Those kind of things are really hard to come by unless you're part of a larger organisation - especially if you're in a different country. It's the chance to get a really unique perspective on something you'd never usually be able to.

Going back to my point above - it's always a good idea to join a coaster club for the reason of heading on trips abroad because I guarantee you you'll fall in with somebody who is a 'do-er'. We can all sit in the pub and talk about how we want to visit this park and that park til the cow comes home, but a lot of the time those ideas usually stay at the pub (along with your dignity depending on how many ciders you've downed.) Coaster clubs are often full of people who have done this a million times before, so no longer have 'the fear' when it comes to booking trips to other countries, so it's fab to take a leaf out of their book and let their enthusiasm drive you towards booking your own!

I get it - I remember back in 2009 before I'd ever really ventured out of the country without my parents, let alone to the weirdest and wonderful corners of the theme park map. It can be super intimidating. But joining in with trips to other countries where the coaster club does all of the scary bits for you is really useful for confidence building. You get all of the experience of trying out theme parks in other countries with none of the anxiety of potentially losing your passport, getting stuck in a taxi in some town whose name you can't pronounce all for the sake of a plus one.

Shared Joy
This is going to sound reeeaaaalllyyy nerdy, but there really is nothing quite like experiencing a brand new coaster with a bunch of like minded people who are equally excited by the type of restraints the coaster has or that unexpected piece of theming. It's great to have that close knit group of friends to share that with, but when you're in a bigger group of twenty or more that is amplified and honestly, it's really an amazing feeling. A massive group geek out - what could be better!

Not that you have to do what I tell you, obviously, but I really would implore you to branch out in 2018 - take the plunge and book yourself onto a coaster club theme park trip. There are a TON of amazing clubs that have a fab trip line-up for this season, from CoasterForce to European Coaster Club to Pleasure Beach Experience. I promise you won't regret it, and chances are you'll come away with some friends for life!

Talk later xoxo,

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