6 Awesome Things About Hong Kong's Ocean Park

There's nothing I love more than heading unassumingly into a park and having it absolutely blow me away. On paper, and by that I mean on RCDB, Ocean Park doesn't look like the most exciting of parks. Coaster-wise you're looking at a powered Mack coaster, an ancient Arrow looper, a Zamperla mine train and a compact B&M floorless. Add to that the rest of the ride line-up, which is essentially little more than some fairground staples, you can forgive me for heading in with low intentions. But everyone I've ever spoken to has said this place is amazing, and well, they're not wrong. Here's six awesome things about Hong Kong's fabulous Ocean Park.

I guess the main thing you need to know about Ocean Park is that it's probably the most stunningly located theme park in the entire world. It's essentially set on an island in Hong Kong, completely surrounded by water with stunning views from the top section of the park. Because of the terrain, the park is set out in little sections all over, with various forms of transport to get from A to B. The best/most terrifying of these is the Cable Car.

This thing takes you the entire way across the park, offering fantastic views across the beautiful island. It's so serene that you completely forget you're even in a theme park half the time - and then a B&M slowly comes into sight and you snap back into reality. Easily one of the best attractions at the park.

Symbio! Symbio! Symbio! Every night, Ocean Park sends their guests off with a breathtaking finale on the park's lagoon. Using incredible fountain, projections and fire effects, Symbio! is a little bit cheesy but honestly, so so awesome. The show is themed to a fire and water dragon battling it out, before putting their differences aside and working symbiotically (Symbio!). One of my favourite memories of this park is sitting on the veranda, overlooking the lagoon with tapas and a cocktail in hand taking in this incredible show. Perfection.

Dammmnnnn the food at this park was good. I've heard other people had bad experiences and maybe we were just lucky with our choices, but I don't think we ate as good anywhere else on our trip as we did at Ocean Park. Lunch was steamed buns, spicy fish balls and noodles from the Hong Kong Street Food shop up near the sealion exhibit which was absolutely delicious, and dinner was a selection of tapas by the water including an incredible duck wrap and shrimp salad.

Even the snacks were fab! The park sold these awesome chicken/fries/drink combo where the food sat in a little pot on top of the drink with the straw going through the food plate. They also did a version with ice cream instead of chicken. Yh, loved the food selection here and really enjoyed taking a moment to indulge.

One thing that sticks with me about Ocean Park is the fabulous music in every land. Big, orchestral, Danny Elfman sounding pieces boom from every speaker and really heighten the atmosphere and immerse you in the experience. I couldn't help but get excited because of the music alone, and that's exactly what theme park music should do. Really wish the park sold a CD of their soundtrack because I would purchase that in a second.

I have never in my life experienced such detailed and innovatively themed animal exhibits. I was in awe every time we entered a new one. From the gloriously panda exhibit made to look like a traditional Chinese mountain town, to the ridiculously elaborate goldfish exhibits which used ornate Chinese furniture cut out to incorporate the tanks. Absolutely stunning, and as much of a gorgeous theming experience as it was an enjoyment-of-animals experience. I just could not believe the detail and originality.

But above all - the number one most unique and frankly ridiculously original concept for an animal exhibit was the Adventures in Australia exhibit - themed to a cinema celebrating Australian film. Like you literally walk through a cinema facade and watch a pre-show before going into the animal exhibit proper. You'd easily be forgiven if you thought you were heading into a 4D cinema or similar here, I took such glee from how much it caught me off guard. Absolutely adored it.

This funicular railway transportation ride has no business being as good and well-themed as it is. The whole thing has this fabulous underwater steampunk thing going on, which obviously gets brownie points before we've even started - and then the thing starts moving and it's all projection mapping, screens and awesome music. It could just have easily been a boring ol' transportation ride, but no, Ocean Park did that. They did that for us.

Ah Ocean Park, you wonderful theme park you. Don't go to the park expecting awesome thrill rides or epic coasters. Do go to this park expecting incredible views, amazingly detailed and original theming in both ride and animal areas and all round delicious food. Wonderful, wonderful park. I'd have gone straight back to the park the following day if I could have!

Talk later xoxo,