Honeymoon Favourites

As you guys know, I am planning on writing individual reviews for each of the major parks we visited on our honeymoon. But honestly, that is going to take me a little while, and there's so much awesome stuff that we did on this trip that I wanted to get it all off my chest! So without further ado, here's my honeymoon favourites!

Obviously Mystic Manor was going to be on my listen. I know usually with these things you build to that crescendo but I can't help myself. It's honestly the most perfect dark ride I've ever ridden. It's got that spooky vibes that I love, forties 'adventurer' stuff that Disney do so well that I adore. I already gushed about this ride over in my Hong Kong Disneyland review, but honestly can you blame me? LOVE.

You guys know I love anything with like, sets and dioramas and all that jazz. You guys also know that I love me a boat ride. And what makes Crystal Grotto EXTRA awesome is that it is both of these - but on top of that it incorporates a bunch of crazy water fountain, fab Disney music, projection mapping, A HIDDEN TUNNEL UNDER THE CASTLE WHAT, AND it's a totally unique and brand new Disney attraction. I ADORED this ride, I would honestly sit on this all day and just go round and round, it's so damn magical.

I guess I didn't really put much thought into Formula Rossa, and for that reason it absolutely knocked my socks off. Like sure, it's the fastest coaster in the world, but with the more recent launch coasters being absent of that gut punch a love so much I figured it'd be fun but not amazing. Oh sweet lordy Jesus. Formula Rossa is so incredible it almost escapes words. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of this coaster - it's absolutely out of control! And then the airtime! Soooo much airtime and the layout just let's you swoop around floating out of you seat at every opportunity. Awesome.

Why the heck aren't more people talking about this ride? IT'S SO BLOODY GOOD. There's nothing I love more than walking onto a ride with zero expectations and then being absolutely blown away, and that was definitely the case with Avengers. The theming is spectacular - easily Disney/Universal level stuff. And the way the screens blend with the sets is absolutely perfect. And the gags! So many little gags I honestly felt like I was on a Universal attraction. My only gripe is the pacing could've been slightly faster - but then if that were the case then I wouldn't have had as much time to take in the awesomeness. And I don't even like Marvel!

This is an unusual one because it's a land, but I honestly couldn't get enough of this place. I know most of what I love in theming is on the spookier side of things, but I am an absolute sucker for anything involving pastel colours and palm trees. I also love beachy/piratey style theming - of which Typhoon Bay had both! The land features a Shoot the Chute ride, a l'il Dumbo style ride themed to a typhoon and some kind of 4D thing that we didn't ride. But yh, maybe it was because it was such a lovely day and pastel colours and palm trees always look good in the sun, but I could honestly have spent hours just soaking this area in.

My issue with Arthur at Europa Park is that as much as I appreciate the theming and the ride was a hoot, I have no personal connection with the IP, so that stuff got a resounding 'meh' from me - and I always wondered how I'd feel about this kind of attraction with an IP I adore. Cue Dragon Gliders, the How To Train Your Dragon themed Mack powered inverted coaster. The way this thing speeds up is where the joy comes from - the theming is as adorable as you'd expect for a HTTYD ride and them boom - BIG SCARY DRAGON RUN AWAY and you speed off in the other direction. The sense of pacing and intensity is soooo much fun, it's as close to a perfect family coaster as you'll find in my opinion.

It's a little odd to me that a Mack SuperSplash would ever appear on any favourite's list of mine, but here we are. I won't lie - this has nothing to do with the coaster itself and everything to do with my love of pinnipeds. Pinnipeds, if you don't know, are carnivorous, fin-footed, semi-aquatic mammals. So think sealions, seals, and yep you guessed it - WALRUSES. This coaster actually sails through a sealion enclosure which I got super excited about and culminates with a drop through two giant mountains with walruses carved into them. Decadent ridiculousness themed to some of my favourite animals - what's not to love?

Having ridden all of the S&S 4D coasters now, it's fun for me to compare them. Eejanaika literally tried to kill me and I came off the thing nursing a black eye, and X2 I found a little clunky. Dinoconda is the perfect balance. I think you have to have ridden one of these things to truly understand the abject terror. You feel like you're going to break free and fly away from the track at any given moment, the forces are just so strong pulling you away and you never really know what way is up until you smash onto the break run. It's one of the wildest, most insane coaster experiences I've ever had and I loved every moment.

Honestly, there's loads of fun stuff we did on this holiday that I really enjoyed, but we'd be here all day if I listed every single thing!

Talk later xoxo,