5 Awesome Things To Do At Oakwood This Summer

Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire is a proper hidden gem of a park. Hidden in the deepest darkest depths of the Welsh countryside, it's a place that Londoners like myself have to go on a proper adventure to get to. So this Saturday, like the couple of hobbits we are, Amy and I decided to traverse the treacherous M4 and snake through the wet hillsides of Wales in search of a thrilling summer day out! And it rained, naturally. Here's the top five best things to check out at Oakwood Theme Park this summer.

Usually the good thing about summer is it's so warm and hot that you don't mind going on a water ride or two because you either needed to cool off anyway or you're not bothered because it's that warm that you'll be dry again in seconds. And whilst the soggy Welsh weather was having none of it with us on Saturday, it did mean that we were already so wet that we didn't care about getting slightly damper, meaning we took full advantage of the water rides!

Oakwoods water rides are on the slightly more terrifying scale - from the truly intimidating Drenched that greets you with its towering almost-vertical drop when you arrive at the park to the unassuming Waterfall which is secretly the most terrifying ride known to man. A true water ride fan won't be disappointed here!

It's no secret that Megafobia is one of the best coasters in the UK. Oakwood being so far away from me meant that I'd kind of forgotten what my opinion was of this infamous woodie, so riding it on Saturday was kind of like riding it for the first time all over for me again! And man, it did not disappoint. We chose front row for our first time and the airtime was thick, fast and plentiful. Pretty much didn't sit in our seats the entire way around.

Visiting the park in the summer means you not only get to ride this world class coaster, but you also get the chance to ride it IN THE DARK. And of course, riding a coaster in the dark is always going to be mountains better than riding it during the day. It's already an excellent coaster when the sun is up, but when the sun goes down it's a whole different ball game. Relentless, unpredictable and all round amazing.

ColourFest has all the fun of a summer music festival with none of the gross parts like sleeping in a sweaty tent or having to poo in a vile cubicle that thousands of other people have had to use before you! Honestly, the atmosphere in the lead up to the colour-bombing was so much fun to be a part of. We loved watching everybody running around, smearing their faces with UV paint and dashing coloured powders all over each other. And that was before it even started!

Once the sun went down the fabulous entertainers gathered all the ColourFest participants in front of the stage for one great, big, all out colour powder party. And it looked AMAZING! So much fun to watch everybody just letting loose and having a good time. And the best part was, the coloured powder washes out of pretty much everything so you don't have to worry about ruining your clothes.

For those of you similar to me who enjoy the spookier side of life, Oakwood Theme Park have this summer debuted Witch Haunt, a live interactive actor led experience wandering through a witch decontamination facility. The scares are not as intense as other more adult-focussed attractions but it's definitely a fun little haunted attraction and a great little addition to the darker corner of the park!

One thing I would say is that if you have younger children, please do be aware that whilst this isn't the most intense of horror attractions, it is frightening in places! Some of the younger children in our group were a little spooked so if your family can't handle that sort of thing then maybe it's one to skip.

What's a day out at a theme park without some fireworks to see out the night? This year not only do Oakwood's fireworks return, but they're also accompanied by live projections and an incredible bespoke soundtrack. It really was the most magical way to end the night, especially with the explosions of colour lighting up the mighty Megafobia in the background.

Our day out at Oakwood Theme Park was one I won't forget for a while. Although the weather tried to put a dampener on our day, the awesome coasters, terrifying water rides and excellent evening entertainment more than kept our moods afloat!

I'd like to thank Oakwood Theme Park for inviting us down to try out their fantastic summer event and can't wait to see what the rest of the season will bring.

Talk later xoxo


  1. Nice article, glad you enjoyed your day here. Working there it's nice to see our efforts being appreciated, hope you visit again soon!