Bucket List Parks

After our trip to the UAE and Asia this year, I've been lucky enough to tick off a few more of my bucket list parks. So I thought it was time for a new list - and also to highlight how basic I am with some of the parks I am still yet to visit. Shocking I know. There are some parks on this list that I plan to visit in the very near future and some I haven't really thought about getting to just yet, but here goes nothing - my top six parks I currently most want to visit in the world!

Cedar Point

Yep, top of this list and what makes me the most basic coaster bitch of them all, it's Cedar Point. Probably the most famous amusement park in the world, coaster mecca for many and a must visit park for pretty much every coaster enthusiast in the world. I've been 'active' in this hobby for fifteen fucking years and I still haven't gotten my ass to the Point. OK fair enough, the first year we were set to go we went back to Orlando instead and the year after that we got married instead, but I know it's inexcusable. Next year for sure!

Universal Singapore
After finally visiting all the Disney parks this year it's spurred my interest in completing my next set - all the Universal parks. Luckily I'm most of the way there, but Universal Singapore is last on my list. I plan to visit in 2020 as part of another Asia trip I've got up my sleeves and man am I excited. I adore Universal. I do actually think I lean slightly more Universal than Disney if I'm honest, I just like that whole movie vibe. Plus it's amazing for Instagram. So yh, I want that massive Madagascar boat ride in my life, I want the Elmo dark ride and I want Battlestar Galactica. I need it.

Canadas Wonderland
After Cedar Point, Canadas Wonderland is up there as coaster mecca for me. Like, I love me a theme park. I adore immersive theming and amazing storytelling in a park, I really do. But there is definitely a certain something about pulling into a car park of a theme park and being met with nothing but loud coloured coaster track as far as the eye can see. And that line up, damn. Not one but TWO massive B&M airtime machines. Like I'm actually salivating at what a boost it'll be to my coaster count. I know I have issues...

Lotte World
If there's something I've learned from my two trips to Asia, is that I sure do love me some tacky, kitschy Disney rip-off style theme parks. So you'll understand why I need to visit Lotte World. Not only does it have the legendary Intamin Aquatrax coaster Atlantis Adventure, it's covered head to toe in that super cutesy theming style that I just live for. And then there's the whole indoor section! I don't know what it is about an indoor theme park that excites me but urgh, I really do love it.

Gold Reef City
I won't lie, Gold Reef City is one of those places I want to go to just for the bragging rights. I don't even think any of the coasters look amazing? Like Anaconda looks intriguing and I'd be interested to see how it rides, and Tower of Terror looks weird as hell and obviously has the cool factor for using bit of an actual old mine as theming, but yh, it's more just to say I've been. Plus if I go I'll probably do a safari too on the same holiday which would be incredible.

Nanchang Wanda Theme Park
After dying at the theming in Oriental Heritage I just have to visit Nanchang Wanda Theme Park. The theming here just looks next level - it's so vibrant and lively and fantastical. I love these chains that are basically rejecting the invasion of Disney by maxxing out the China factor in the theming of their parks. It's such a huge, ridiculous gesture and I love it. And then the coaster line-up - the incredible looking GCI coaster Python in Bamboo Forest and the Intamin Hyper Coaster Coaster Through The Clouds. Two bucket list coasters for me for sure, both in the same park yay!

Obviously, the ultimate plan is to visit every major theme park in the world one day. But these six are definitely my most wanted for the time being!

Talk later xoxo,