Attraction Review: Bollywood Parks Dubai

A lot of enthusiasts who visit the Dubai Parks & Resorts area tend to skip Bollywood Parks Dubai. And I can see why - no creds, no 'proper' rides of note, unfamiliar theme. I totally get it. But that said, I am so so happy that we took a couple of hours to explore this park. It's utterly stunning, probably the most gorgeous theme park I've ever been to. The colours, the beautiful intricate details and facades, the cheesy...Bollywood-ness of it all. Breathtaking!

I'm not going to pretend I know anything of note about Bollywood movies. Like, I am aware of it as a thing and I've seen one full movie start to finish (Monsoon Wedding, slightly on the more Western side of Bollywood movies but it counts) but other than that, I'm a total dunce. And I think that actually added to our enjoyment of the place. If you know anything about Bollywood, you'll know it's probably the most extra thing on the planet. As such, EVERYTHING is over the top. Literally everywhere you look is extravagant and decadent and it's just so enjoyable to immerse yourself in.

The rides themselves are all mostly screen-based, love letters to the big stars of the Bollywood film scene. So much so that you actually find the same actors across multiple attractions, a detail that I thought was deliciously self-indulgent and perfectly representational of Bollywood as a film culture. The acting is so over the top and melodramatic that you forgive the cheesy special effects. You really do just have to let go and accept the cheese for what it is and you're guaranteed a good time.

Obviously a huge generic convention of Bollywood movies are the massive dance numbers, and you're pretty much guaranteed to run into some kind of impromptu dance routine or bit as you wander around. The whole place is absolutely alive with music and dancing and you can't help but wander around with a bop in your step. The costumes and make-up are all absolutely gorgeous too, it really helps break up the time between going from ride to ride to stop and take in a little dance show!

It's by no means the best theme park in the world, but if you enjoy a movie themed park, stunning theming, fabulous dance numbers and cheesy over-the-top screen-based dark rides then I would absolutely recommend popping into Bollywood Parks Dubai if you're in the area. Especially as I believe they're now moving towards making it a free to enter park.

Talk later xoxo,


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