Orlando Most Anticipated

In just a few days I'll be boarding my fabulous Virgin Atlantic flight to Orlando International to enjoy 16 days of coasters, horror mazes and deep fried foods at my favourite place in the world. I last visited Orlando in July 2016, and you know how quickly these parks develop and add new additions because of the ridiculous competition over there, so in just two years there's everything from new rides to new events to brand new theme parks for us to explore. Here's the things I'm most excited for our upcoming trip!

Last time I was in Animal Kingdom this new land was pretty much just interior structures and the skeleton of some floating rockwork. Since then it seems like everyone and their mum has been to the incredible looking Pandora and I won't pretend I'm not a teensy bit jealous. I'll admit, I am a little dubious as to whether Flight of Passage will live up to the hype because I'm a filthy, filthy cynic, but there's no denying the theming looks utterly breathtaking and I'm intrigued to see what a difference Pandora has made to Animal Kingdom as a whole. Hyped.

This hybrid Gravity Group coaster at Fun Spot came out of nowhere in 2017. Considering Fun Spot is a little...well...ratchet, it seems odd that they'd invest in something so high quality. It's not a coaster you hear a lot about anymore, but it's still high up on my list of must-dos for this visit to Orlando as I love me some Gravity Group, so it feels a little too good to be true that there's a pretty epic looking one just chilling in Kissimmee. I really do hope it rides well, looking forward to spending an evening being white trash at Old Town.

Halloween. Disney. Candy. Characters. Themed snacks. Villains. Like, yh, this event was pretty much designed for me? I'm a little overwhelmed even thinking about it, and don't quite know how we're going to squeeze everything in between stuffing our faces with Halloween themed goodness, stacking up on the Instagram content and generally just soaking in the spookiness. I doubt we'll actually even bother riding anything when we visit Not So Scary, and I don't think we'll even care to be honest. So, so excited!

Y'all know I'm all for the Sea World support, so anything they invest in is a project I'm excited to follow through to the end - including riding for myself. I feel like we haven't had a fabulous new rapids in a while, and between Kali River Rapids, Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges and Congo River Rapids, Florida isn't exactly short of excellence in that department. I'm pretty sure Sea World are well aware of that, so I'll be interested to see what they've pumped into Infinity Falls to make it stand apart from the crowd. Plus, that vertical lift hill and drop, it's got to be good right?

Hard to believe that in just two short years Universal have gone and built a whole entire theme park. I remember back in 2016 we were driving towards the Resort and all you could see of this park was a giant mess of tubes as opposed to the beautiful themed waterfall that now stands at the centre of the park. From the looks of things I have a feeling Volcano Bay is going to have an Aquatica vibe - not amazing immersive theming at every turn like Blizzard Beach but the slide game is going to be on point. I'm not going to pretend I'll be riding Ko'okiri, I fucking hate those drop floor slides, but I'm gagged to get on some more magnetic launch water coasters.

I genuinely can't remember the last time I cried, but I definitely remember getting slightly emotional when I watched a POV back in 2016. I don't even like the film that much, but my god - the animatronics! The music! The theming! It's absolutely stunning. I know some of the Disney purists are miffed that Maelstrom got spited to make way for this flavour of the week, but I'm a strong believer that parks have to move with the times to survive and I'm excited to see that EPCOT has woken up and smelt the roses with this one. And we got a Fastpass for it, yay!

And last but not least, my ultimate bucket list tick off, I'm finally going to Halloween Horror Nights! Fucking yessss! I honestly don't think it's really set in properly yet that I'm going? It's literally a dream come true for me. I love scare attractions AS WE KNOW but I'm also a huge horror movie nerd so Halloween Horror Nights is literally like Mecca for me. I don't even know what maze we'll do first, but I am so excited to just immerse myself in all the blood and gore and chainsaws and terror. Just stab me to death and chop me into a tiny thousand pieces and scatter my remains in the Stranger Things maze. Thanks.

Just a couple of days to go now, can't fucking waaaiiitt!

Talk later xoxo,