My Top 10 Kiddie Creds

Something I'm keen to get back into this year in a big way is going out of my way to ride ridiculous, shameful kiddie creds to boost my coaster count. Having exhausted most of the easier options by now for big cred injections it's the only real option I have to keep my numbers ticking over, and as I've spoken about previously the sadist in me actually enjoys the whole rigamarole around seeking out and riding kiddie creds. Somehow they feel like more of an accomplishment because there are so many barriers in the way (will I be allowed if I don't have a kid with me? Will I be overcome with shame and run away weeping?) 

And yet, for all of the kiddie creds I have accomplished in my day, I realised I've never taken the time to rank and appreciate the ones I have ridden. Mostly because they majority of them are insignificant crap, but that's besides the point. For all the time I've spent riding the things the least I can do is pay them the due diligence and attention they deserve, hence today's blog post. And I'm not lying when I say this was probably the hardest Top 10 list I've ever written. Because they're all just so...crap, it's hard to rank in the usual way so I've had to get a little creative.

For this list you'll notice the majority are in the UK. That's because I reserve the most heinous and toe-curlingly shameful of cred riding to my home country where I haven't spent my hard-earned money and time visiting somewhere overseas where I would feel like I'm wasting my time. Also worth noting that the coasters on this list are all from my list of ridden kiddie coasters dubbed thusly by RCDB - if Duane doesn't consider it kiddie, it wasn't considered for this list. Let the countdown commence!

Look, I know I have some questionable things on my Coaster Count but at least this one is actually on RCDB. I am not sure how, because it barely moves in a circle let alone up and down hills, but here we are. Caterpillar bears the recognisable face of your friendly neighbourhood Big Apple coaster and even travels through a giant apple as part of the experience, but Big Apple it ain't. My ride on this coaster was particularly memorable as it involved one ride op having to explain to an incredible confused other member of staff that the group of grown adults riding the children's caterpillar ride were called 'Coaster Enthusiasts' and this is just something they do. Peak shame. 


So according to RCDB, Clown Coaster operated until the mid-2000s but I had a period of about ten solid years where I didn't visit Chessington so my memories of this coaster are firmly set in the early 90s. I remember being extremely intimidated by the GIANT drum theming that the train traversed through, and feeling so brave for facing my fears and boarding the HORRIFYING clown coaster trains to burst through the drum myself. Wild times. 


I actually first rode this coaster at Camelot the same day I got my 100th cred, but this coaster is much more memorable at part of the Peter Pan themed area at Oakwood in Wales. You get fabulous views across the Skull Rock log flumes as the coaster skirts the edge of the water and the station is actually really pleasant and nicely themed. The little crocodile trains are super cute as well, he looks all shy and embarrassed as he carts your cred-addicted self around for the plus one. 

The first time I visited Pettitts to ride this cred we told the op that we were riding every coaster in the UK as a drunken bet to try and stave off some of the shame, which actually worked surprisingly well. I remember VERY little about it other than thinking the park was quite nice and I'd like to return to spend some proper time there one day, which I did do last summer when the park got another cred! I'm sad the park refurbed this coaster and got rid of the horrendous too-pink face it had before the spruce up, but that aside I adore smaller parks where everything just feels like a real effort is being put in to keep everything spick and span and this coaster is just very fun, neat and tidy. 


Theming! Yep, this one get points purely for being a little train coaster that goes through a Wild West diorama and for being mostly indoors. It makes it unique and memorable, and whilst I couldn't tell you a play by play of how the ride itself was, I do actually remember the theming and building quite clearly, which is a lot for me considering my memory is like a sieve. 

When I rode this it was called Teeny Weeny and was the self-proclaimed smallest roller coaster in the world, although I think the Gerstlauer Kiddy Racer coasters have taken that title in the official capacity now if we exclude any backyard creations. What to say about Dvergbanen then. I really like the trains, which look like little colourful cars. Very cute. If my memory serves me right I also think we broke it and it gave up after delivering just one lap. Oops. 

Something I love about visiting an unfamiliar park is discovering that one of the creds you're after is not only inside, but it has theming. The Gullivers parks are odd I find, because they do always make an effort with theming but it always feels kind of like props for a local pantomime. This is definitely the case with Crazy Mouse. Despite the trains being of the Speedy Gonzales variety with a little dude wearing a sombrero, the theming is more cat-chasing-a-mouse-around-a-giant-kitchen style, kind of Tom and Jerry inspired? It's bizarre, I was quite fond of it. 

What I feared might end up being my only cred of 2020, DUPLO Dino Coaster is a delight. It's vibrant, colourful, oozing with joy and it has the most adorable soundtrack that plays as the train goes around. I adore the teal coloured track and rotating DUPLO theming, it's just great fun and perfect for pre-schoolers who are maybe nervous about riding the Dragon or Dragon's Apprentice. 


I have no idea why I was allowed to ride this, nor how I fit into the damn thing in the first place, but this is mostly on here for bragging rights as I know this to be an extremely spiteful cred. Again, it gets points for being indoors, being lovely and colourful with some nice theming and for having covered trains oooh!


And number one on my Top 10 kiddie coasters list is Rock 'N Roll Duncan at Fuji Q Highland! This coaster is most fabulous - the layout is absolutely bizarre and looks like something I knocked up on RCT to fill an awkward gap but it is nicely maintained and well themed, as one would expect with the Thomas IP attached. But the thing that makes this coaster most special and memorable and deserving of its number one spot is when we rode we were all given tambourines and encourage to dance and play along as the ride circulated. Peak Japanese madness, hilarity and joy and certainly a coaster ride I will never forget!

Looking at RCDB I'm all but maxed out for true kiddie coasters in the UK, but I will certainly keep scouring. I wonder what the next one will be to make the Top 10 cut!

Do you ride kiddie coasters? What's the best one you've ever been on and why? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to have a chat!

Talk later xoxo,


  1. The Kiddie Wooden coaster at Playland Rye is actually really good. It's better than the Dragon Coaster at the park.