Top 5 Best Theme Park 'Reveal' Moments

Theme parks are undoubtedly full of magical moments, and it's largely why we love them so much. But I'd argue there's a certain kind of magical moment that we don't talk about too much that I want to spend a bit of time exploring today. It's usually a one-time thing, something we experience once and never again, a blink and you'll miss it moment but arguably one of the most impactful experiences you can have in a theme park: the 'reveal'. 

This comes in many forms. It might be a vista or view you stumble upon, an entrance into a secret land, a 'wow' moment in an attraction itself. For me, these are the moments that really stick with me, and remind me of why I do this stupid hobby in the first place. I always picture it like that scene in Titanic where Rose gets out of the car and finally glances up at the ship from under her massive hat - it's epic, taking it all in and soaking up the moment. I'm going to count down my top five today, and as always please remember this is my list, my blog, my opinion. Also, I'm fickle so will likely change my mind next week but at the time of writing this, this is where my head is at. Oh, and by the way, massive spoilers ahead for all these parks/attractions I'm about to talk about. 


Disney are arguably the undisputed masters when it comes to sight lines, and as ever they do an incredible job with the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea. The Hotel Miracosta is positioned in such a way that the jaw-dropping view from the Mediterranean Harbour across to Mysterious Island is shrouded until the very second you step through from under the tunnel and finally get to feast your eyes on what is probably the most breathtaking theme park Disney have ever built to date. It oozes with detail, mouth-watering anticipation of the adventures that lay ahead of you and OH MY FUCKING GOD THERE'S AN ACTUAL VOLCANO?! 


The tech behind this one is absolutely mad - in how they manage to do this reveal so simply and silently that you have no idea it's happening. It's an old parlour/theatre trick really: lights go down, something changes, lights go up, wow. It's the fact the impact is so MASSIVE. We go from being in this tiny chamber to being in this huge epically themed space with giant set pieces, water and fire effects and an epic accompanying score. Never fails to take my breath away. 

Another case of the humble low ceiling-ed tunnel opening up into a hidden secret world but done expertly with maximum effect. The entryway into Rookburgh is perfect because it's subtle, it feels like wandering through a portal and literally going back in time/into an alternate dimension. And the way the land is designed, sunken down with high walls, you really do feel encapsulated in this little fantasy bubble. And the kinetic energy of the land brings it to life: the steam of the grates, the F.L.Y. vehicles whizzing about overhead, everybody on the pathways with you all looking up and pointing and gasping. It's wonderful. 

One of the reasons I instantly fell in love with the pure, unfiltered magic that is Drumvlucht at Efteling was the reveal into this room. I'm not usually a big crier, especially when it comes to theme park stuff but oh my god this room got me good. I can't really explain why, but I **think** it might have something to do with the fact that it reminds me a lot of NeverEnding Story and that movie has big nostalgic feels for me, so this scene got me right there. But seriously, it feels like it comes out of nowhere and it's so beautiful and overwhelming and ethereal. If I believed in heaven I imagine that's what it would look like for me. 

For me this is an underrated one but one I really took notice of the other day. Probably because Thorpe is my home park so I take this moment for granted. But, when I visited a few weeks ago, my timing walking out of the Dome onto the balcony was perfect, and I emerged to see Stealth launch over the top hat, Swarm to dive down its first drop, Tidal Wave splashed down, the weather was glorious and I was like wow, this is actually kind of great? That veranda means a whole day of incredible rides and the best coasters in the UK awaits, and really what is more exciting than that? I'd love to be able to experience that again for the first time. 


I'm sure there's tons more y'all can think of that I haven't mentioned yet! Let me know in the comments, what's your favourite theme park 'reveal' moment? 

Talk later xoxo,