Month in Review - March

So March was a bit crap wasn't it? Considering February was so short and sweet March just seemed to drag on forever. Knowing I had my first European trip planned for the first weekend of April didn't help, but it did finally come to an end and looking back on it I actually had quite a lot of fun!

1. Gandalf passed away
I'm going to get this one out of the way first because it makes me sad, my little bunny Gandalf passed away this month. It was a complete surprise to us as he was hopping around happily the night before! Bunnies are curious creatures like that, because they're a prey animal they don't show any signs of weakness or illness as it makes them easier to weed out and eat!

2. I gave my room a summertime makeover!
I haven't taken any photos of the finished product because I've been stupidly busy and as such my room has turned into a dumping ground. I popped in to Primark and was inspired by all their tropical themed home bits so I got myself a few bits, alongside this amazing parrot plate from H&M home and brightened my room up for the coming warmer months!

3. Back to Belfast
Mid-month we headed over to Belfast to visit Conor's family. We didn't do a lot, just chilled out mainly, but we did take his nephew Fintan to the museum where he proceeded to tell us about all the dinosaurs and ended the day with some Irish TGI Friday's!

4. "A lot of blue hair! Haha, what a weirdo!"
I finally found myself a spare weekend and dyed my hair teal. I adore it, I prefer it sooo much to the orange. And it was such a bargain because Conor did it for me! So what would have cost an arm and a leg in time and money was done for less than half the price and all in a days work. I don't think I'll ever go to a hairdressers to get mine done again.

5. I started my theme park season!
It has officially begun, and I'm so prepared for 2015 to be a great one. I kicked it all off in March for the opening day of the new kiddie coaster at Alton Towers with some coaster whoring and enjoyment of one of my favourite parks in the world.

6. Drag Race Season 7 commenced!
Yes it's a good time of year for TV. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 started this month and while it hasn't been firework TV from the very start it's still as hilarious as ever and just so addictive to watch. I should really let it finish and binge watch them, you know, the way TV is meant to be enjoyed!

So yes, a struggle month but with some shining moments and more memories made. I got myself a new camera recently so have told myself I'll be taking a lot more photos, which is much easier said than done when you're impatient like me and just want to enjoy the moment. But I do love taking pictures too! Hopefully by the time April's review comes around there'll be more to show for it.

Hope everybody had a happy Easter and a long lazy bank holiday weekend!