5 New Lips for 2016

So 2015 was the year I properly discovered the wonders of lipstick, and I've watched my collection grow from moderate to completely out of control. In a 'I know I already have 5 reds in a similar shade to this but this one will be different from the others, I know it!' It's sort of similar to having tragic taste in men and always falling for the same type, except lipsticks don't break your hear and reduce you to writing bitter metaphorical blog posts. Ahem.

Yh, so I guess it's safe to say Christmas 2015 made it quite clear that I've become completely obsessed, receiving no less than 5 new additions to my ever growing stash. It's weirdly satisfying to see them all pretty and lined up. During the quiet bit where you don't know what day it is between Christmas and New Year I decided to have a little play with my new toys!

Before I start this I just want to clarify, I'm not a make-up artist and I by no means pretend to be an expert, so expect imperfections galore! And excuse the Beauty and the Beast PJs - I think I only actually got dressed for 2 days of that week XD

First up, Diva by MAC Cosmetics. I wanted a darker red for winter and whilst this does look like a really dark product on the stick itself, it's actually got a lot more of a pinkier tone when applied. That said, I do like it, and it's a great colour base for an ombre lip!

Yh, like everybody and their uncle in 2015, I also jumped on the nude lip bandwagon. My go to up until recently was Lovecraft by Kat Von D, but considering it's no easy to get a hold of in the UK I needed something similar to tide me over until I return to the states later this year! Enter Whirl, a lovely nudey-brown colour from the newest matte MAC lipstick range, inspired by their sell-out lipliners made infamous by the Kardashian clan. Honestly, I do find the MAC matte range to be extremely drying, especially compared to the creamier Kat Von D formula. That said I adore this colour, it's extremely wearable and looks great with a coppery eye!

I am so in love with this colour, I would say it is my new favourite if it weren't so difficult to match. I feel like if I wear anything other than all black it can look a little disjointed. That said, I never did quite get over my teenage emo faze, resulting in most of my wardrobe consisting of black! Stone is just so unique, I always get complimented when I wear it out and I love the vampy look it creates.

You know I said before I was looking for a darker wintery red? Well yh, this is more like it! Wicked from the Lime Crime Velvetines range is the perfect dark red in my opinion. It truly is as velvety as its name suggests, and basically unmovable (seriously, it took 3 rounds of face wipes to budge this guy!). My first purchase from the Velvetines range but I definitely can't see it being my last.

Lastly is Double Dare from Kat Von Ds Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range. Having been so impressed with Lovecraft I was desperate to get my hands on more of her cosmetics! Double Dare is a beautiful dark coral pink, a unique colour I haven't seen from any other cosmetics range. Similarly to Lovecraft, the formula isn't drying at all and is totally kiss proof! It's not really suited to a wintery wardrobe in my opinion but I can definitely see myself getting loads of wear out of this by the time spring rolls around.

So there we go! I'm looking forward to what lipstick trends 2016 brings us, and am especially excited to explore Sephora when I visit the USA in May to try out some more new-to-me brands!

Did you jump on any lip trends in 2015? What make-up did you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments, I'm always looking for new recommendations!