Beauty Review: ColourPop Haul

I didn't really want anything in the Black Friday sale, but through the cruel trickery of Internet cookies it came to my attention that American brand ColourPop were having free International Shipping all weekend, so it'd have been rude of me to pass up such a generous offer!

I was super excited, I've lusted after this brand for such a long time so when the products finally arrived I couldn't wait to tear into my parcel. Sadly though, the eyeshadow and highlighter didn't quite make the journey in one piece. I've tried my best to press them back together, hence why they look a little rough around the edges in the pics. In the meantime, I've e-mailed ColourPop about this issue so hopefully it'll be resolved soon!

So, probably the best thing about ColourPop, other than being cruelty free and awesome, is that they're ridiculously affordable. I ordered two lipsticks, two eyeshadows and a highlighter and it came to £24. OK, there was no shipping on top of that but that's still one hell of a bargain if you ask me! For those wondering, yes I did get a little bit stung on the customs fees. I had to pay a £12 customs charge (which included an £8 handling feed, so only £4 when you look at it that way) which still doesn't seem that bad to me!

First up, the matte liquid lip. 2016 has been all about the liquid lip and I can safely say that I am fully converted! I chose two shades: a gorgeous neutral raspberry tone called Tulle and a soft yet vibrant orange red called Pacific. After the crumbliness of other low cost matte liquid lips like the NYX Lingerie range, I was a little dubious as to how these would turn out. They're absolutely amazing, they go on smooth as butter and dry with a beautiful matte texture that isn't at all drying on the lips. And from the looks of it, they're extremely long wearing too - I've worn Tulle out twice now including occasions where I've been eating and drinking and I've never had to reapply.

Honestly, for the price I can't believe how good these are, and it makes me a little bit gutted that I didn't order more. They have ever colour under the sun and I can easily see these becoming some of my most worn!

Next up, the eyeshadows. As I said before, these arrived damaged but I've done my best to squish them back together! The first thing I'd say about these is that I was shocked to find they're not a powder, but almost like a soft squishy foam and wet to the touch. As you've probably heard a billion times, they're EXTREMELY pigmented, and just a light swipe with my finger picked up loads of colour. I opted for two metallic shades in Game Face, a coppery orange tone and Midnight, a rusted off-gold colour. They're absolutely stunning, very shimmery and really easy to work with.

Finally I couldn't help but treat myself to a new highlighter. I opted for an iridescent pink called Monster. Similarly to the eyeshadows, the consistency isn't powdery at all but rather a soft squishy texture, it almost reminds me of strawberry mousse! Although the colour is beautiful, I find to get the definition I like from a highlighter I have to use this in conjunction with some other highlighter products I already have. So not the most intense of colours, but still great to add a holographic sheen to my highlight.

So that's everything from my haul! I'm waiting to see what ColourPop say about the damaged products, from speaking to friends it seems mine was a bit of a one off and given the quality and price of everything I'll definitely be placing another order if they ever treat us to free International Shipping again!

Talk later xoxo,