Massive Lush Christmas Sale Haul

I'm so proud of myself! I resisted temptation all throughout the lead up to Christmas to wander into Lush and splurge on their ridiculous Christmas range, and my god did it pay off. Up and out bright and early on Boxing Day, not only did I avoid the shitstorm that was the Lush online sale, but I got everything I wanted and more for half the price. I set myself a limit of £20, thinking this would be more than enough to restock my bath bomb selection, and I came in just under which I'm super impressed with. And who cares if Christmas has passed? It still smells the same! Here's what I nabbed after just twenty minutes queuing on the cold streets of Belfast...

Considering how long I've been a Lush customer, I've never actually tried one of their shower jellies before, so I put one of these wibbly wobbly jolly fellows into my basket. OK, I mostly bought him for the novelty factor and secretly wish he was coconut flavoured, but the subtle scent is sweet and refreshing and in true Lush style he's packed with fab ingredients to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a cold Winter's day. I'm also told that popping this in the freezer will help it last ten times longer so I'll be giving that a go too!

First bath bomb on the list, the beautiful smelling Stardust. Seems citrus and subtlety is a bit of a theme so far, with this bad boy promising a 'citrusy boost to your body and mind'. Sadly in the sale madness most of these were broken in the store but I managed to dig out a fairly unscathed one. I know it's not all about how they look but it does make a difference in my world. Again, I'm more a fan of the subtler smells so Stardust seems right up my street!

Anybody remember those Shaker Maker sets from the 90s where you made little Plaster of Paris models of characters and painted them? That's all I could think of when I set my eyes on the Northern Lights Bath Bomb. With a name like Northern Lights I am expecting some spectacular shit to go down when I let this guy loose among the bubbles! Sweet but not too overpowering with the jasmine and also containing something called Ylang Ylang which is apparently some sort of delicious essential oil (cheers Google!) Good for chilling out but when you also want to add some mystical vibes too!

First of all, look how cute! Seems almost sadistic to throw him in a potent tub of H20 and watch his cute little features dissolve into the abyss. But on the other hand, this is like my perfect smelling bath bomb. I'm the same wth scented candles, give me something that smells like delicious buttery cake and I'm all over it, and Butterbear is that to a tee. Packed full of cocoa butter so you'll emerge from the tub like a smooth, moisturised bar of Dairy Milk and a touch of vanilla to make you taste extra eatable! Brb, just licking my arm because I am so delicious...

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
Oh god, the camera's done a weird...Yh, don't know what happened there but whatever, The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar is easily my most favourite looking of my Lush goodies! The most fun way to turn your bath into a mulled and spiced cauldron of goodness. Massive cinnamon stick for good measure, jingle bells for an extra touch of festiveness and glitter than always seems like a good idea at the time and then makes you hate yourself when it leaves a sparkly residue on the bottom of the tub for days after. But it's fine, because Christmas, right?

Not going to lie, something about Snowie scares me. Look at those cold dead eyes, I feel like it's plotting something against me. But then on the other hand - Snowie? A Snowman themed to David Bowie. Genius. Pure genius, so naturally I had to have it. A sharper flavour than my other bits, there's a definite grapefruity tang coming from this guy and in true glam rock style so so sparkly! To take the edge off, there's also rose oil to balance things out.

Ooh, looks who's had a makeover! I absolutely adore the revamp of this classic, everything from the pure glitter stars to the SO DAMN BLUE IT HURTS blue colouring of the rest of the bath bomb. Similarly to Butterbear, I'm a big fan of the 'honeyed' almost toffee smelling vibes this scent is giving me, and I can't wait to soak up the cocoa butter this thing is clearly dripping in. That and it's bloody huge so should provide a good measure of bubbles to the size of baths I usually take. 

Lush at Christmas pretty much equals Snow Fairy scented everything, and seeing as I love this scent it makes it really hard to pick which ones I want to take home with me. Candy Mountain (Charrrliiieeeee...I can't help myself. Kudos to anybody who gets that reference) got the honour of being placed in my basket. OK, mostly because it looks friggin' adorable but also because bubble bars > bath bombs purely for value for money. So creamy and vanilla-y and oily, like a big strawberry milkshake!

And last but not least, the one that started it all. Snow Fairy shower gel. My mum got me a huge bottle but I couldn't resist picking up another for when the first one inevitably runs out. I want to sparkle like a Christmas unicorn all year around and leave a wave of delicious sickly sweet candy dreams everywhere I go, and nothing does the job better than a good douse of Snow Fairy!

That's everything I managed to get. I'm sooo happy with my haul and know this will keep me going at least until their fabulous Valentine's Day bits make their way into stores. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious bathing to do...

Talk later xoxo,


  1. Nice haul Jordan! I didn't bother this year but did manage to pick up a wee chunk of Sanat's Postbox (I think that's what it's called!) for the other half. Maybe next year I'll try and get up town nice and early, after seeing the shitstorm on their site, I won't be trying that out anytime soon! x

    1. Thanks lady! Literally going old school and actually visiting the shop is the way forward!! xx