Why I Love Phantasialand

With Valentine's Day just a couple of days away I felt like doing something on theme. I've written loads listing parks and coasters that I love, but usually these don't go into too much detail because they're part of a bigger list.

Love is a strange word to use when it comes to parks and coasters -it always creeps me out ever so slightly when people laugh and joke about being turned on by rides, but I can definitely attest to having a deep love of certain parks and rides. And hey, no theme park is ever going to break your heart right? Least of all the love of my theme park life, Phantasialand. If Phantasialand had a profile on trashy dating app Tinder, I would definitely swipe right. If Phantasialand were a contestant on popular British TV show Take Me Out, I would definitely leave my light on. If Phantasialand were a Friends reference, it would be my lobster.  Oh Phantasialand how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Well, yh actually, let's. Here's four reasons why I bloody LOVE Phantasialand!

I think it's fair to say with any favourite park that it's certain key...assets of the place that initially attract you to it. And we all have different tastes, some people enjoy a slow, gentle ride with loads of effort put into how it looks whereas others like a ride with brute force and stamina. Myself, I like a ride that really does have the whole package, for lack of a better word. And get your minds out of the gutter you pervs, I'm talking of course about bae aka Taron - part fabulous Intamin launch coaster of joy, part coaster trophy wife, 100% fabulous. Heart eye emoji.

Don't you just love a park that really goes that extra effort to make you feel appreciated? No stone unturned into ensuring you have that completely immersive experience, and no detail is too small to not have been taken care of. Winter event? Yep, we've got REAL fake snow. New Years Eve? Yep, we've turned one of our indoor sections into a nightclub with unlimited cocktails and coasters. Houses and roads ridiculously close to the park? Don't worry, we've built everything in such a way that once you step foot on property you're immediately plummeted down the rabbit hole and don't have to even glimpse reality until you're ready to leave. *Sigh* they really do think of everything...

Look, I know looks aren't everything but I'd be beating around the bush if I didn't mention the fact that every angle of this park is absolutely bloody gorgeous. Sure, it's great that the park's personality more than delivers, but come on! There's nothing I love more than taking new people to the park to show it off to them. There's no denying she's a stunner - from the whimsical enchantment of Wuze Town to the barbed eccentricities of Klugheim to the elegance of China - every land shines in its own unique way. If Phantasialand has a bad side I'm yet to find it.

You know you've found a keeper when the magic of that very first visit still hasn't worn off seven years later (and counting). One thing I'm really guilty of is romanticising parks - my memories of the good times are tarnished with rose-tinted glasses, meaning revisits can sometimes leave me feeling unsatisfied. But with Phantasialand, the magic is still going as strong as ever, and I'd even go as far as to say actually grows with every visit. Our recent visit for Wintertraum was just so full of wonderment that it made me fall in love all over again. I think it's true when people say absence makes the heart grow fonder - leaving the park is always bittersweet but I know deep down that it'll just give that next visit extra zest!

Phantasialand, my theme park soul mate. If Phantasialand were a human I would definitely consider divorcing my husband and riding off into the sunset with it. I'd like to think Phantasialand feels the same way about me, but sadly theme parks are incapable of exhibiting human emotion, so I guess we'll never know. 

What's a theme park that you love so much you'd write a creepy blog post on the Internet about? Let me know in the comments, I want all the gory details of which parks you'd be willing to die for.

Talk later xoxo,

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  1. I totally agree with you. I visited Phantasialand for the first time last year and completely fell in love with the place for all the reasons you've just listed. Can't wait to go back in September